James Wan Teases Aquaman’s New Armor In New Year Post

The Aquaman movie has taken the internet by storm. Warner Bros. studios have had the greatest success only when doing standalone rather than team-ups. Suicide Squad and Justice League fell way below expectations. Wonder Woman and Man of Steel were blockbusters. Wonder Woman went on to become a critical and commercial success that was unprecedented in the History of the superhero genre. Gal Gadot was an absolute treat as the Princess of Themiscyra. Wonder Woman was already introduced to the DC Extended Universe in Batman vs. upper: Dawn of Justice. And now it’s another superhero’s time to shine.

Aquaman is the king of the seven seas and the de facto heir to the throne of Atlantis, a super advanced underwater kingdom. Jason Momoa’s Arthur curry made his first debut into live action under the WB banner in Justice League. He was portrayed as brash and rugged with a good heart and a penchant for the adrenaline rush. Momoa’s characterization was so well received from the trailer itself that the DCEU planned to make a movie starring him and milk the Aquaman as much as possible.

Warner Bros. has already been working on an Aquaman movie since a year ago. Shooting for the movie wrapped up last year and fans are excited to catch a glimpse of the Atlantean on his underwater adventures.

The movie will have three villains – Black Manta, Ocean Master, and Jesse Kane. It will also feature the beautiful Amber Heard as Mera, Aquaman’s love interest and wife in the comic books.

While the movie promotions are on a roll and about to catch even more steam later on as the release date nears, James Wan – Aquaman’s director has left no stones unturned to make sure the fans stick to their seats eagerly waiting for the upcoming Aquaman movie. The year 2018 started off with a bang. And not just for the regular movie buffs. Comic book lovers, especially DC lovers, were gifted a treat by none other than James Wan himself.

Wan has released the first look at Aquaman’s armor form the movie. Apparently, his way of the celebration includes promoting his own movie via a celebratory post. Killing two birds with one stone?? I say aye!!!

The photograph depicts really interesting set pieces for the Aquaman movie. It shows an arm piece (or a leg piece – we seriously can’t figure this one out) depicting an intricate octopus-like design which is the insignia of the underwater Kingdom of Atlantis. The other props include a spear-hook in the background along with an Atlantean Soldier helmet on the periphery.

The director shared this image via his Twitter account. The photo came with two captions – ‘Happy New Year 2018’ and ‘From the Deep’. One of the fans asked whether the hook shown in the photo is an allegory to Aquaman’s hook hand that is famous in the comic books. Sadly, Wan said there was not any connection whatsoever.

One of DC Comics’ Flagship superheroes, Aquaman is one of the founding members of the Justice League. In the Super Friends animated series, Aquaman was always portrayed as the guy who gets in trouble or is trapped most of the times. His uselessness was always a subject of constant ridicule.

That was until Jason Momoa assumed the mantle. His badass portrayal of Aquaman was one of the many highlights of the Justice League. Justice League had many flaws but Momoa’s Aquaman ain’t one of them. People actually looked forward to seeing him on the big screen. It is thus safe to say that Momoa did not disappoint.

aquamanWhile the studio and Whedon screwed up Justice League for good, Aquaman was well received. Wonder Woman was also well received in BvS and she later went on to star in a movie that is reportedly being eyed for an Oscar nomination. Aquaman is no Wonder Woman but he is just as awesome. The comics have recently started paying heed to Aquaman and his story arcs. He is no more the buffoon he was made out to be a while ago. Momoa will essay the role of Aquaman in not only the Aquaman movie but also in the planned Flashpoint movie. Will the movie soar high or will it sink into the depths of the abyss?? Only time will tell.

Aquaman has a release date for December 21, 2018.

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