First Look at Kit Harrington in Eternals Revealed. Who is He Playing?

Marvel is ramping things up with the first official trailer for Eternals. While the trailer does not give us any possible plot leaks, we know that the movie will include the time after Endgame. This is because Captain America and Iron Man’s names were mentioned, implying that they’re gone. Plus, the easy-to-miss Easter egg too. But one person that might skim by is Kit Harrington in Eternals trailer.

Who Is Kit Harrington in Eternals

I should tell you right off the bat that lack of attention to Kit Harrington in Eternals trailer should not lead you wrong. Kit Harington’s Black Knight is set to be a huge part of the film. The aforementioned picture is the only clear look you will get at Harrington in the trailer. While the rest of the characters are seen donning their costumes, Harrington does not match the equation. Sersi, standing next to him, is his reported love interest for the film.

Dane Whitman does have an involvement with the Eternal Sersi in the comics as well. As fellow teammates of the Avengers at one point and time, the two become attracted to one another. Eventually, with the approval of Ikaris, the acting Eternal Prime at the time, the two form a special bond usually reserved just between Eternals called Gann Josin. How the Black Knight would cross paths with the Eternals is unknown.

Moreover, last year, The Direct reported that the pre-production for Eternals was rushed to meet deadlines. As a result, sets, costumes, and even parts of the film’s script were not completed by the time filming began. This included Dane Whitman’s comic-accurate Black Knight attire. It looks like we would have to wait a little more than usual to see Harrington truly as the Black Knight.

Kit Harrington’s Black Knight & Origins

Kit Harrington in Eternals
Kit Harrington in Eternals

Let me tell you about Black Knight first. He was a villain first back in the 6th century named Sir Percy of Scandia. The mantle of the Black Knight was laid to rest for hundreds of years. Dane Whitman’s (Kit Harrington) uncle found his tomb. Nathan Garrett took the Ebony Sword and resurrected the title of Black Knight. He then joined the Masters of Evil. As a result, he was pitted against the Avengers. Garrett was mortally wounded by Iron Man.

On Garrett’s deathbed, he wishes for Dane to take on the mantle. In the comics, Whitman was born and raised in Massachusetts, Dane Whitman became the hero Garrett desired. Moreover, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was his first target. Whitman overcame the Ebony Blades’ influence and corruption, thus bringing Black Knight into the spotlight as a hero.

Black Knight’s Involvement With Skrull & Kang Expanding MCU

Surprisingly enough, the welcoming of Kit Harrington in Eternals as Black Knight very easily connects to some of the upcoming projects. In the comics, Black Knight has actively involved himself with the Kreesuch as in the Skrull War, being a part of a successful effort in destroying the Supreme Intelligence War. Once again, the Skrulls have been a major part of the MCU, with teases in Spider-Man: Far From Home and the full-blown project Secret Invasion.

This other one might surprise you. But Black Knight has spent conceivable time as a formal member of the Avengers as well. Moreover, the guy has fought against a villain who’s straight-up terrifying and about to join the MCU. Yes, I’m talking about Kang the Conqueror! He proved himself once again by saving the team from the grasp of the time-traveling maniac. Kang will debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. With Black Knight easily connecting to two big projects in the MCU, his growth in the franchise seems inevitable.

Eternals Cast & Release Date

However, as far as Kit Harrington in Eternals is considered, fans would have to wait for the second teaser. And if not, then wait for the movie itself, which releases in theaters on November 5, 2021.

Do you think Harrington will turn into Black Knight within Eternals? Or will it happen in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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