This Captain America Easter Egg in Eternals Trailer is Crazy!

It cannot be only me who is over the moon after watching the new Eternals trailer! Ever since we got the hint in the previous video by Marvel, it hasn’t been easy to hold still. The teaser reveals the alien race of these immortal beings who arrived on Earth centuries ago. Moreover, how they helped the Earthly beings to develop and prosper. Though Marvel has released the trailer, fans might have missed a major Captain America Easter Egg in Eternals trailer.

Major Captain America Easter Egg in Eternals Trailer

If you think you have an eye for detail, then I challenge you with this. It is an easy-to-miss Captain America Easter egg in Eternals trailer, that comes in exactly at the 0:58 mark. The scene shows Angelina Jolie’s Thena showing off her skills when in the background you can see a figure holding a shield. If you look closely, then you would see that it very closely resembles Captain America’s shield! A very cheeky detail induced by Marvel.

If you look closely, it clearly reveals that the enemy or the ally’s – the position of the bearer remains unclear – shield bears a similar star and circle design akin to Captain America’s signature equipment. Even though it looks extremely old school, it still has an uncanny resemblance.

How Eternals Connects To Wider MCU

We can ask ourselves again and again about which of the shields came first. It is difficult to judge the specific time period of the scene. Both the characters are embellished in ancient clothing that provides no hints. We have seen in the trailer that Eternals have adapted according to the current times with modern-day clothing. But this could be an instance where the heroes don their costumes while practicing/fighting.

It seemingly looks like Eternals are aware of the Avengers, and also thorough with their names. This could mean that the Eternals, or whoever this mysterious character aligns with, got inspired by the iconography of Steve Rogers, Captain America. Hence, crafting a shield for oneself out of inspiration. This little detail seems absolutely crazy. It shows how much society could have been influenced by the Eternals.

Iron Man & Captain America Namedrop Suggest Eternals Is Set After Endgame

Eternals come with a lot in very little time. The first official trailer of Eternals featured a major MCU Easter egg in the form of namedropping Iron Man and Captain America. In the trailer’s final scene, Sprite (Lia McHugh) mentioned the fact that “Captain Rogers and Iron Man” are gone. This essentially confirms that part of the film will take place after the Blip. Most probably the film will include it all – the history, their whereabouts during all this time, and their active presence after the Blip. This might be the most vital information after Captain America Easter Egg in Eternals Trailer.

So, we now know that Eternals are well aware of the Avengers. Moreover, it will answer the most important question on the Internet – Where were they all this while? Well, if you remember the first official synopsis of the movie, it said that an “unexpected tragedy” forces the group to come out of hiding following the events of Endgame.

Who Could Eternals Go Against & Why

One of the well-known facts about the Eternals is that they were created by the Celestials. They are the next evolutionary step in the process to create humans beings.  They have a long lifespan but are particularly not immortals. Following this, their enemies were also created by the Celestials, and they are known as the Deviants. Sprite’s mention of Iron Man and Captain America may not be coincidental at all. Maybe, the Eternals are well known that the Avengers will not be able to defeat the Deviants. Hence, they are coming into action.

It is a possibility that the Eternals are now awake to fight the Deviants. If we fetch a little far, then we can focus on Thena’s reaction, sitting at the head of the table, hinting that she might eventually step up to join Earth’s Mightiest as well, and this will definitely be a welcome and fresh sight for fans. Eternals and Avengers combining against the Deviants will definitely bring one hell of a sight to the big screen.

Eternals will release in theaters on November 5, 2021.

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