5 Major Mistakes In X-MEN Series That Went Unnoticed

With the start of a new millennium, the birth of the new era of superheroes took place with the release of the first movie of the X-Men series. Since then, X-Men series has not only ruled our hearts but also made us question the existence of mutants in real life. While the series quite splendidly laid the whole plot in the mashed up sequence of time period delineated with every part, it had some really prominent mistakes which went unnoticed. Or it may be the love for X-Men’s which made us blind.

Magneto didn’t build “Cerebro”!

5 Major Mistakes In X-MEN Series That Went Unnoticed

In the X-Men X2 (2003), William Stryker drugged and used Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto to know “How to build the Cerebro”, the machine which connected Professor X to every living human and mutant. While in X-Men first class (2011) it was Hank aka Beast who built the whole Cerebro on his own. All Magneto was shown doing was assembling the parts which won’t give you the skills or knowledge to know the whole building up of Cerebro.

The return of the adamantium claws

This scene is from the sixth movie of X-Men series, Days of future past. Although in the last movie, The Wolverine, Logan lost his adamantium claws in a fight with Yashida, the soldier he saved during WWII who turned into a billionaire and tried to steal his immortality but failed. These claws appear magically again without any known logic or possibility.

The walking professor

This scene from “X-Men the last stand” is when Erik and Charles go to fetch Jean for their school. It is quite clear that Charles is old and walking on his legs, whereas, in the part “The first class”, Charles was seen losing his legs at a very young age in a scene where Magneto was raged upon the humans attacking them and deflected a bullet shot by Moira which happened to hit Charles.

Memory linger after amnesia

This scene is cropped from the part “The Wolverine”. Logan saves a soldier named Yashida from the terrible effect of the nuclear bombs which were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II, who wanted to thank Logan and sent a girl to fetch him to Japan. Which made things clear that Logan remembered Yashida. While in the part, “Origins-Wolverine”, he was shot by an adamantium bullet on his head by William Stryker which worked as Amnesia for him. A person who can’t remember his girlfriend after that remembered a soldier he saved during WWII.

Regenerated professor

This scene from the ending of “The Wolverine” gave us chills down our spine when we saw professor X exactly fine, while in the part “The last stand”, he was ripped apart by Jean Grey in front of our eyes. Regenerative power is only gifted to Logan and thus the regeneration of Professor X from pieces still remains illogical.

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