Did You Catch Dwayne Johnson in Free Guy?? His Cameo Explained!!

Free Guy was one of the most exciting projects that we had gotten to see during the pandemic period. The movie was filled with a lot of exciting references from both the genre of the movie and the pop culture events. This actually added to the fun and the narrative of the movie which was basically exploring the life of an NPC inside a game that has an interesting look at reality. It wasn’t surprising to see the makers would be filling it up to the brim with Easter eggs that would make the viewing experience a lot more experience for the fans. Let’s take a look at Dwayne Johnson in Free Guy. Apparently he had a cameo that most people missed!

Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds has given us some of the most exciting projects in the last few years. Ever since he ruled the screen as Deadpool, the idea of the actor making meta commentaries has become a recurring theme for his projects. Free Guy saw the actor taking on the role of an NPC who actually starts coming to terms with the reality that exists around him in the game. His character, named Guy, actually starts to make changes in the way that he had been living and it makes for an interesting arc for the character itself. The various Easter eggs in the movie actually add to the theme of the movie itself.


There were a lot of cameos that were featured in the movie from a variety of stars. One of the most awesome moments has to be when Chris Evans appears in the movie that is clearly a meta-commentary. As Guy is seen fighting a muscular version of himself, he wields the Captain America shield in order to block an attack. Right then the camera cuts to Chris Evans reacting to the shot while looking at it on his phone. This wasn’t all as the movie also featured an appearance from Wolverine star Hugh Jackman in a rather small role. He appears as the character who sells Molotovgirl, played by Jodie Comer, information that would help her with her investigation.


Dwayne Johnson in Free Guy

Dwayne Johnson had one of the most awesome appearances in the Free Guy that fans might have not noticed before. He appears as one of the player characters who is actually being controlled by a young girl in order to conduct a bank heist quest. This is actually the very first moment when Guy decides to go against the normal way of things and strays off the script. He goes ahead and steals the glasses from the character wearing a sky blue suit along with a skull mask. These glasses would actually play an integral role in revealing the world of the game to Guy.


It is fairly obvious that the actor was included in the movie because of the friendship that he has with Reynolds. The Black Adam star had talked about his friendship with the Deadpool star and how long he has known the actor. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dwayne Johnson said:

I have not known any actor in Hollywood longer than I’ve known Ryan Reynolds. We started our careers together. I had ‘The Scorpion King come out. He had ‘Van Wilder’ come out. We were criss-crossing promotions. We wound up in Cancun on ‘MTV Spring Break’ promoting your movies. We’re like an old couple who bicker and fight. And of course, we love and respect each other.


Dwayne Johnson in Free Guy

Fans might have not been able to see the actor because of the mask and the change in height. But if you focus on the moment then you will clearly be able to identify his voice in the movie. The actor would next be seen with Ryan Reynolds in the Netflix project Red Notice. It makes sense that the duo might have worked in this cameo because we had also seen Ryan Reynolds appearing in a short but exciting role in the Fast and Furious spinoff movie Hobbs & Shaw. With a variety of other cameos and Easter eggs, it won’t be surprising to hear that fans missed this cameo.

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