Tom Hardy’s Venom Movie Logo Has Been Revealed And It’s Stunning

Sony is a lot of things right now. It has created blockbuster franchises out of nothing and continues to do so. But the one thing it has managed to screw up big time is its relationship with the Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman. The movie behemoth started the new age solo superhero movie fanaticism among Hollywood fans. Before Sam Raimi took the helm and made Peter Parker into the legend adorning every millennial kids’ wall ceilings he is today, Spidey wasn’t as well known among the non-comic book buffs. Sony can be credited with putting the superheroes back into the map.

Yet the recent Spiderman from Sony failed to recreate the magic that was the Tobey McGuire starter. The movies suffered from shoddy plotlines and too many plotholes and unnecessary details. As a result, Spidey’s popularity waned among the masses. Sony thus decided to let go of Peter Parker to Marvel Studios and quit while they are ahead. Now they have decided to refocus all their energies to a different facet of the Spearman chronicles – The Venom – Spiderman’s one-time arch-nemesis turned anti-hero/occasional good guy I now getting his own solo movie.

And by the looks of it, the official poster for Venom is already out.

The Comic-Con Experience in Brazil has been a blessing in disguise for comic book lovers. A Venom movie poster can be seen among the works.

One of the Photos shows the Venom in his full on all black suit mode with his jagged teeth out and pure savagery dripping from the jaws. The other one shows the Hashtag #We are Venom implying the new movie will be in theaters sooner than you think.


The one in Spiderman 3 was a literal kick in the nuts for comic book lovers. Not only was the screen time really less for such a lovable and fan favorite character, the character development was one of the worst in the entire franchise. With Tom Hardy as the all black anti-hero from outer space, Venom is shown (in the posters at least) to have been rebranded back to a more classic and comic book accurate look.

The Spiderman 3 version was the polar opposite of what the Venom sounded or looked like. Can Tom Hardy’s Venom get around that stigma that has developed around the character and make the fans love him back again? It is still too hard to predict for now.

What Storyline The Venom is supposed to follow, No one exactly knows the right answer. But rumors are rife that the movie will follow Marvel Comic’s Lethal Protector storyline.

The movie is already set to star Riz Ahmed, Michele Williams, Jenny Slate, Reid Scott along with Scott Haze. Their roles are still unofficial since the characters still haven’t been announced yet in an official press meeting.

A few black and white photos have been released but they do not reveal too much information. There is certainly that photo which hints at Venom’s new suit in the upcoming movie. But apart from that, it is almost dark in here. The rumor mill is churning out news one after the other but we don’t know which to trust and which not to. Even the suit we are talking about has not been confirmed to be the actual one or was just the motion capture version of the real CGI generated suit for the movie.

Todd McFarlane – the man who co-created Venom has given really positive feedback regarding Hardy’s acting chops. Deadpool and the upcoming untitled-Multiple-Man-movie from Fox have already achieved an R rating. The former has scored and the latter has high hopes too. Can Venom be expected to go down the same path?


Todd Mc Farlane has this to say about Tom Hardy:

“It’ll be interesting. I’ve seen some movies of his where he can bring anger and a wide personality to it. To me, I think Tom Hardy’s going to be as good as whatever Venom looks like. We all know Tom’s going to act. He’s going to do a good job.”

Can Venom score? Can the anti-hero push Sony’s ambitions to rekindle their superhero fanbase’s flames to finally show results? Most importantly, will the movie ruin Venom’s future like it almost did with Spiderman or will we finally witness the birth of a blockbuster franchise????

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