Instead of Gisele, Fast X Should Bring Back This Forgotten Star

Fast and Furious has had some interesting history. The franchise has been home to some of the most absurd stories we have ever encountered. Starting from the very first movie, the franchise has focused more on cars and women than any actual character development. Any character development that does happen, happens because of the aforementioned cars and women. The franchise has been home to some of the hottest babes and meanest machines in the industry, in no particular order. Even Gal Gadot has been a part of this roster for some time. But we think that when it comes to Fast X, a different actress should make her return to the franchise. Do you all remember the time when we were introduced to this franchise?

Back in 2001 when we had no idea what was about to hit us, The Fast and The Furious came out and changed the film industry forever. We had our first taste of a heist with cars and everyone wanted more. Moreover, the characters in the movie enticed the audiences so that they could not help but ask for more. But the main problem with that was that Dom’s story ended with the first movie. Or at least that is what they wanted us to believe. So when it was time for 2 Fast And 2 Furious to be shot, the focus was shifted to Paul Walker’s character. To support him two new characters were introduced to the franchise. These characters were Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Pearce and Eva Mendes’ Monica Fuentes.


Fast X Should Re-Introduce This Character

After this movie, Roman Pearce became a staple of the franchise and Paul Walker became its face, while Mendes’ character faded into obscurity. The next few installments of the movie steered away from this character completely. But, now is the perfect time for her to make her return to the franchise. Eva Mendes left acting back in 2014 when she became a mother. According to the actress, her life had so much going on that she had no spare time to allocate to her acting career. This meant that she was not available to be a part of the franchise for a very long time.


Eva Mendes said this in an interview with View, “I mean if it was a fun project. But now I won’t do violence, I don’t want to do sexuality, the list is short.” We feel that she might be the perfect addition to Fast X instead of Gisele. The character of Gisele showed up in The Fast And The Furious 4 as a temporary love interest for Dom. She was there so that the audience could realize the importance of Letty. But she proved her worth in the next couple of movies as Gisele did things that the other members of the team could not. Sadly, she died later in the franchise leaving a void in the team.


Although it is not unheard of in this franchise to bring back characters from the dead, we still think Eva Mendes’ character might be a better choice for several reasons. The first of these reasons is that casting Gal Gadot will be a very expensive decision for the studio. Given the fact that her screen time will be comparable to other supporting characters in the franchise, it may not be financially viable to hire her for the next movie.


The Future

Moreover, Eva Mendes’ return to acting might be the perfect opportunity for the studio to create some chatter about the next installment in the franchise. It would be a very fateful collaboration for the actress to return to the industry with this franchise. We feel it could complement her need for a wholesome movie completely. But the real question is, what will Fast X be about if not the struggle between Dom and Hobbs?


Fast X

Do you think that Eva Mendes would want to return to The Fast And The Furious or not? Anything we say will only amount to speculation so we want to know what you, the fans, think.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Fast X movie? down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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