12 Plot Twists That Could Have Made Your Favourite Superhero Movies a Joke

Cliff-hangers are the new norm of fiction. That much has been proved with the advent of the ending that was Infinity War. We also saw a good cliff-hanger at the end of BVS: Dawn of justice. Deadpool 2 also had a pretty cool twist in the Post Credits. But was there ever more to it? Some plot twists saved the superhero movies but there were some (in the works) that were not bought to fruition and we thank the Gods it never happened. Presenting – 12 Plot twists that could have made your favourite superhero movies a joke!

 1. Spider-Man – Green Goblin is alive

The terrific portrayal of Willem Defoe as Norman Osborne aka the Green Goblin has always been considered a master class. Who in their right minds could forget that spine-chilling laugh?!?! Riding on his iconic goblin glider, Norman made life hell for Spider-Man until he was impaled by his own weapon. His death signalled the end of the tyranny of the Goblin until little Harry took over. But all of this would have been for naught if Green Goblin would have lived, which the Studio had originally planned. If Green Goblin would have survived, then we could have never seen Doctor Octopus in the flesh.

 2. Iron Man -Tony Stark keeping his identity secret

This sounds, unlike Tony Star. Why would this hotshot billionaire try to keep his single greatest achievement in his life a secret? Tony Stark is Iron Man. The whole world should know he is Iron Man. But the original script for Iron Man revealed that Tony was supposed to stick to the cards provided by Agent Coulson. But Kevin Feige, President at Marvel Studios, had something else in mind. The boss said it and the Studio did it. Kevin knew Tony Stark as a character than anyone else ever did.

 3. Superman Returns – Kryptonian Ruins

Although the movie had multiple flaws, it also had some good qualities, like Superman portrayed more like his comic book counterpart. It did feature one scene though that could have ruined it more than you could imagine. In the opening scene of the movie, we see Superman droning over the ruins of a desolate, crystalline planet with ruins of a long dead ancient civilization. It was Krypton and although some releases did feature this scene, we are glad they did not show it to us in the theatres as it helped the story move forward in no way possible.

 4. The Incredible Hulk – 70 more minutes of Bruce Banner

The movie was lengthy as it was. Putting in more than an hour would not have helped. Edward Norton had 70 more minutes that he shot for the movie which were never shown in the theatres. This led to an uproar on Norton’s behalf, who complained to the Director and the higher-ups. As a result of the infamous battle between Norton and the Marvel Studios, Norton was replaced by Mark Ruffalo as the new Bruce Banner and all things went back to normal.

 5. Watchmen – Giant Squid destroys New York

Watchmen is considered one of the greatest superhero movies ever. It had an amazing plot line and an extremely talented cast. To top it off, it had Zack Snyder giving his cinematic tinge to the movie. The movie was heavily dependent on its source material but we are grateful that the comic book ending wasn’t fully copy-pasted into the movie. In the comic books, the city of New York is destroyed not by a bomb but a giant, space squid that turns out to be the work of Ozymandias. The movie showed Ozymandias framing Dr. Manhattan for the explosion that destroyed the Big Apple. While the former was the comic book ending, the latter makes much more sense and sounds realistic.

 6. Avengers: Age of Ultron – Quicksilver lives

The death of Quicksilver shook not only the Avengers but the whole audience watching Age of Ultron in the theatres. But he had to go. There already was a Quicksilver in the X-Men movies which was far superior to the one they showed us in the MCU. Marvel studios had to fight a lengthy battle to bring the Maximoff twins to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While they decided to keep only Wanda, they could have easily done the same for Quicksilver, according to the rough draft scripts of the second Avengers movie. Thankfully, Joss Whedon did at least one thing right in Age of Ultron.

 7. Avengers Infinity War – Ant-Man makes Post Credits appearance

Plot Twists Superhero Movies

The movie had a completely dark tone. Adding in Ant-Man would have only made it worse, whose movies are supposed to be light-hearted and funny. Paul Rudd was himself giving sly remarks that his character might be returning for “only a short while” to the MCU. Ant-Man appearing in the Post Credits could have completely changed the ending of Infinity War. Ending it on a cliffhanger makes more sense. It gives the movie a depth that wouldn’t have been possible if Rudd showed up as Scott Lang.

 8. The Dark Knight – James Gordon Junior is a villain

In the Batman comic books, there exists a guy that could put even the Joker to shame. A guy so psychopathic that he could poison a children’s hospital water supply and watch little kids suffocate to death as he smiles along. He is the son of Commissioner James Gordon and he was supposed to be a secondary villain in The Dark Knight. James Gordon Junior deserves a much bigger spotlight than the one Nolan could muster up to offer. This is why he never made it as a villain to the movie and stayed a child. The original script was supposed to show the son of Gordon as a teenage sociopath.

 9. GOTG – Vol. 2 – Adam Warlock Easter egg never happens

Adam Warlock is a figure that is the closest thing to Jesus for die-hard Marvel lovers. He is the comic book prophet. He is extremely overpowered and has undertones of high spiritualism. Appearing in more than a dozen acclaimed issues, Warlock has turned out to be one of Marvel Comics flagship superheroes in the recent years. So when his Easter egg was dropped at the end of GOTG Vol. 2, the whole audience went crazy. But if Marvel studios would have had its way, it would have never happened. It was actually James Gunn who wrote that plot element into the early drafts of the script for the movie.

 10. Blade Trinity – Blade goes full evil

Blade was a surprise hit. Nobody expected it to be that much of a blockbuster. Wesley Snipes was roped in for two more movies. But the franchise became diluted right after the sequel. Thankfully, Blade Trinity somewhat redeemed the trilogy. The ending though would have completely crippled your heart. Our beloved Blade was supposed to go full evil and turn into the newest evil Vampire God at the end while being shipped off to a mortuary. We would have never liked our favorite Day-walker to turn to the Dark Side. The script changed and he never did.

 11. GOTG Vol. 1 – Grandpa Quill still longs for his Grandson

Prepare for an emotional roller coaster ride. We are going to reveal to you the original sad ending for the movie that is GOTG Vol. 1. The original ending showed the grandfather of Peter Quill aka Star Lord, holding a picture of Meredith (his daughter) and Peter (his grandson) as he looks up into the sky and the credits roll soon after. This scene meant that Peter’s Grandpa must have witnessed Peter being abducted and was still waiting for his grandson to return home. This would have made for a truly heart-wrenching ending.

 12. Deadpool 2 – Wade Wilson meets the Chris Evans version of Human Torch

Deadpool 2 Post Credits sequence is perhaps the best Hollywood has ever offered. The post-credits scene takes Wade down the superhero memory lane, with him interacting and killing a lot of his past demons. One of the scenes was supposed to feature Wade talking to the Chris Evans version of the Human Torch from the Fox-Verse. Although it might sound like fun, cramming in too much would have spoilt the broth. The scene never made it past the writer’s circle and the pots credits was saved the wrath of the fans.

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