How Did The Chris Evans Cameo In Free Guy Happen?

Free Guy is definitely one of the most successful movies that we got to see being released during the pandemic. With movies centered around games becoming a genre in itself, it was an awesome experience to see how this project worked out a narrative. One of the most awesome things about Free Guy has to be the fact that it makes relevant pop culture references and nods that make for an awesome viewing experience. Not only that, but the movie features some rather awesome cameos that are actually quite surprised when it comes to executing them. Let’s take a look at how Chris Evans Cameo In Free Guy actually ended up happening.

Free Guy

Free Guy follows the story of a Non-Playable Character as he comes to terms with the world around him. The character gains consciousness about the fact that he is actually in-game. He starts using this for his benefit and sets out on an epic journey that is filled with epic CGI moments. Ryan Reynolds absolutely nails the character with a performance that we could only expect to see from him. But the movie also makes some rather interesting references and doesn’t shift from making the meta-commentary like other projects with a similar theme. If the cameos are counted into proper roles then the movie might have an ensemble cast.


Some of the most popular celebrities ended up having their cameos in the movie. This includes actors like Dwayne Johnson and Hugh Jackman in certain roles that we couldn’t have easily expected them to see. The Shazam star appears early in the movie as a character who does a bank heist and is stopped by Guy. It is only the voice of the character that was done by him and he didn’t actually appear in the movie. The same goes for Hugh Jackman who did the voice for another character who ends up giving a certain clue to Jodie Comer’s character. But another actor has a cameo where he actually appears himself in the movie.


Chris Evans Cameo in Free Guy

One of the most essential parts of Free Guy was the look at people in the real world reacting to Guy. Considering people in the real world were playing a game they would often have some interesting reaction to what Guy did. Around the end of the movie, Guy is made to fight a muscular version of himself and it makes for an interesting moment with the awesome reference. As the muscular being appeared to attack Guy, the latter wields a Captain America shield to block the attack. Just then the scene cuts to a reaction from Chris Evans himself looking at the scene on his phone.


We are left wondering how did the movie manage to have Chris Evans in a cameo for the movie. During an interview with ET, director Shawn Levy talked about how the Fox/Disney merger managed to give him some access to the Disney characters for his Easter eggs. Levy and Reynolds wrote a letter to Disney asking if they could use Cap’s shield for the movie.

Chris Evans Cameo In Free Guy

According to the director:

And we got a response and the answer was, “Yes”. And we sent an email back saying, ‘Sorry. To clarify, which one?’ And we got an email back saying, ‘All of them. You can have all of them.’ We were beyond stoked. And once we had that, then Ryan was like, ‘Wait a second, Chris Evans is in the same town we are shooting his Apple show, Defending Jacob. I’m going to text him and ask him if he’ll come by and be in the movie.’ I guess that’s a thing movie stars do. ‘Hi, movie star. I’m your fellow movie star. Want to come be in my movie?’ Chris Evans, being a cool, good guy, was like, ‘If I can come by and literally be in and out in 10 minutes, I think I can slip it in.’ So, that’s what happened. That’s how we ended up with Chris Evans, in addition to a lightsaber and a Hulk fist and Cap’s shield.


It is awesome to see the impact of the Fox/Disney merger already at work. This will also pave the way for Ryan Reynolds himself to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his upcoming project entry in the Deadpool movies. Another MCU actor and director had a major role to play in the movie – Taika Waititi. This might also make for a cool joke that Deadpool can talk about when he appears in MCU.

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