Why We Think That Gisele Of Fast & Furious Franchise Is Very Much Alive

There is a theory suggesting that Gal Gadot’s Gisele never died after her accident in Fast & Furious 6. While this may seem like a reach to many people, there have been hints in the subsequent movies that support the fan theory. But since you have been busy enjoying the action in the movie to see these clues to Gisele’s return, we are here to explain why we think Gisele of Fast and Furious is very much alive.

Gal Gadot’s Gisele Yashar appeared for the first time in Fast & Furious as an associate of Arturo Braga. due to her knowledge about cars and a short flirting fling with Dominic Toretto, she soon became a recurring character in the franchise. She became a significant character in Fast Five when she fell in love with Sung Kang’s Han, which eventually became the reason for her death in the following movie.


Gisele of Fast and Furious

The sixth part of the Fast & Furious franchise featured an ensemble cast, including Gal Gadot, Luke Evans and John Ortiz amongst the recurring cast. The movie followed the Fast Family following an international thug, Owens Shaw, who was a pawn of Cipher. Hobbs tasked Dominic Toretto and his family to take him down, which turned out to be quite difficult for the team. Unsurprisingly, by the end, the family did take him down but not without a casualty. The movie’s climax scene saw Gal Gadot’s character sacrifice herself to save Sung Kang’s Han. Even Han seemingly died in the next movie but returned in F9, claiming to have faked his death. And this return kicked off the theory suggesting the return of Gisele Yashar.


Gal Gadot is an A-list actress and the Fast & Furious should consider itself lucky to have featured Gadot. She even became an important part of the cast, aka a family member. And as the franchise comes to an end, it seems fitting that the franchise calls upon Gadot once again. Plus, this being her breakout role, it makes more sense for her to reprise her role. And we think that she will, and here’s why we think so!



The plane runaway scene at the end of the Fast & Furious 6 saw many casualties on both sides. While Gisele might have been the only one from The Family, almost everyone from Shaw’s team was put down. But as we know from Furious 7, Shaw survived, even if he barely did. But we have to include the fact that he was thrust into the air, while Gisele didn’t experience such force, her survival may be possible. Plus, we have to consider her intensive physical training which could have helped her break her fall.


A Redditor pointed out that Gisele is a former military official, so her training might have been equal to Shaw’s. And a part of her training is to estimate if a fall would kill her or not. So if she deliberately jumped, this might be because she knew she could survive it. Plus, if her training is legitimate, she could have survived just by tucking and rolling.



One of the main reasons that led us to believe that Gisele is alive is the fact that we never saw her dead body. She was almost a main cast member and the family members should’ve honoured her death at a funeral. But we never saw any scene, instead, the members didn’t even seem to care where the body went. While some would argue that the body would have burnt away or worse, the fall would’ve disfigured her, we oppose this notion. After all, Dom and Owen Shaw survived worse fates, so why wouldn’t Gisele?


Also, we not only think that Gisele is alive, we think that, unlike Han, the characters know of her aliveness. This is because when Han died, all the cast members united for one last goodbye at a cemetery. But not for Gisele. Heck, she didn’t even get a tombstone. And we think this is because the Family members know that she’s alive and well.



If someone would have told us that a dead character from a real-life based franchise is still alive, we might not have believed him. But this is Fast & Furious we are talking about. In their nine movies, many characters have supposedly died in a fiery crash or accident but emerged alive in the next film or the film after that. Letty supposedly died when a thug shot her car’s gas tank. She lost her memory but survived. Even Han died under similar circumstances but emerged pretty much alive. And this was almost the case in Gisele’s case, so this might be the action director hinting at her return.


Plus, we also have to factor in that Han returned back in F9. And if Han can come back, his long-time partner should come back too. Plus, it would be interesting to know that Gadot’s character has been helping the Family in many of their missions. And she is receiving help from Mr Nobody, Kurt Rusell’s character. And given the fact that he has always been secretive, it lines well with his character that he will hide Gisele from the rest of the cast.


Do you think Gal Gadot’s Gisele of Fast and Furious is still alive? Do you want to see Gisele join the Family once again? Or do you just want Gal Gadot back? Do let us know in the comments below.

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