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All Differences Between The New and Old Batman Suits of Michael Keaton

It’s been a long time since DCEU had announced Michael Keaton’s reprising his role as the Dark Knight in the DCEU. He was supposed to don the cape in the Flashtime Paradox plotline of The Flash. But the postponing of the movie multiple times has proved to be bad publicity for the movie and Keaton’s return. But the execs have found a way to keep us engaged with concept arts. And a recent one features a complete first look at Keaton donning the new DCEU suit. Let us have a look at the differences between the new and old Batman Suits.

Unlike what we saw in Spider-Man: No Way Home, DCEU does not bring back Keaton right after his last appearance. Instead, Keaton’s version of Batman has continued to fight crime all thee years and is now old. This version of the Caped Crusader is a lot more experienced and is ready to retire. So, naturally, he will not continue with the same suit for all these years. Batman is known for always being prepared and evolving with every bad guy he takes down. So, he would have kept improving the suit, and by the time we see him in DCEU, his suit will be like the best version of itself. Plus it helped improve every drawback of the suit.


New and Old Batman Suits

To keep fans right on the edge of their chairs in anticipation of Keaton’s return, DCEU released concept art that features Keaton in his suit sending the Batman fans into the nostalgia mode. Take a look for yourself and meet us in the nostalgic alley.


And here are all the differences between the suit since we last saw Keaton wearing it vs now.



Starting from the top, the first thing we noticed in the DCEU suit is the new and improved cowl. This makes sense, considering the Burton-verse suit’s cowl was a topic of funny gags. To give the suit the look of a single piece, the costume designers used to glue the cowl to the torso and the cape. This lead to some big gaps in the cheeks region every time Keaton used to turn around, which he did a lot. Fans called this the Bat-Turn. But the DCEU designers seem to have fixed this mistake because won’t turn around his shoulders every time, will he? Additionally, we can easily see that the new suit’s bat ears are quite longer than the original. So is there any particular reason?



The second thing we noticed is not much of a difference but a continuity detail. It is the new Batman symbol that has been changed from the original symbol, back in 1989. The symbol featured two, quite noticeable, tail points that upset a lot of people. While this was an attempt to make Keaton’s Batman unique, fans didn’t respond well to the change and the designers later changed it to the traditional symbol in 1992’s Batman Returns. And we think it’s nice that DCEU kept this change in their version as well.



While the suit’s colour is pretty consistent, the material has changed a lot. Burton started this change when he replaced the vintage grey spandex suit with an all-black one. He even added protective armour on the chest, arms and shoulders. While Burton made a good attempt, it wasn’t much effective. However, DCEU designers seem to have improved upon that mistake and given it a more practical armoury look. This might be a reach but this can imply some pretty intense action sequences of Batman in The Flash and Batgirl.


Additionally, the utility belt has changed a lot. Starting with the obvious colour change, the belt is now black, blending with the suit instead of the yellow one in Burton’s movies. And it seems more practical, with additional pockets, than it did in the older movies.


DCEU has not shied away from any type of upgrades and even updated the gauntlets in their suit. In the first movie, the suit was quite advanced and featured hidden gadgets in its gauntlets, but they were very discreet. DCEU seems to have fixed that mistake. And this change of theirs implies just how many fights and confrontations Keaton’s Batman has gone through in all these years.



As we have repeatedly mentioned, even though Keaton’s first suit made him look muscular, it was seamlessly glued and looked unusually bad. This feature of the suit even made the legs and the boots look bad. But DCEU designers came to the rescue. In their version, the suit is a combination of various parts, rather than being one big rubber sheath. Yes, we know what it sounds like.



The cape of the Batman suit is always a crucial part of his costume. Burton-verse’s designers tried very hard to resemble a bat with their cap and made bat-ty textures all over the cape. They even glued the cape to the one-piece suit. And the cape finished right above heels which seemed quite odd, but DCEU improved upon that mistake too. Now, the cape is more cape-like and less rubbery. It is still a part of the suit but it looks more defined now. Plus, it now almost touches the ground so that is another thing that DCEU changed. After all these changes, it’s safe to say that we don’t know the suit’s capabilities anymore. The suit might be a killing machine in itself by now and it will be interesting to know more about this in the upcoming movies.


Did you notice anyone other differences between the new and old Batman suits? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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