10 DC Characters Who Were Ruined In DCEU

The DCEU is currently standing with only 8 movies under its belt and seems to be planning the release of quite a few in the coming years. But the apparent transition of characters from DC Comics to the DCEU seems to somehow alter the traits or the storyline of these characters. Although the narrative from DC and the DCEU tends to stand apart, the apparent diversification of these alternate timelines is seemingly affecting the roles of the characters implicated in the DCEU timeline. These implications have somehow made the DCEU characters a lot less worthy than their comic counterparts. So, here is a list of DC characters who have lost their importance in the DCEU.


Jonathan Kent

DC Characters Ruined In DCEU
DC Characters Ruined In DCEU

Jonathan Kent’s death in the ‘Man of Steel’ narrative raises serious concerns about a death of a character through a national disaster while trying to save lives, which was a little out of context. In DC Comics, Jonathan Kent’s demise is more out of old age than a tornado.



The titular Cyborg/teen became famous in the realm of the comics, due to his initial release in the ’80s. In DC Comics Cyborg is seen being a part of the Justice League and also being a founder member of the Teen Titans. Although in the DC comics, it is shown how Victor Stone aka Cyborg gets involved in an accident. And how his father, who also happens to be Dr. Silas Stone, saved his life and resuscitated him back to life. The same or something on the same lines is not shown in the DCEU.



Hulk Defeated Doomsday

Doomsday of the DC comics is a force to be reckoned with, in the comics narrative Doomsday was shown nearly killing the Man of Steel. But the DCEU version of the monster somehow seemed to have decalcified the bones protruding from his body to mere bulges of skin on his body and a horn-type structure on his elbows.


Victor Zsasz

Birds of Prey Teaser

Victor Zsasz in the DC comics is a terrifying villain on his level. But in the DCEU’s version of ‘Birds Of Prey’, we witness a character played by Chris Messina who wonderfully portrays the very unsettling henchman of the Black Mask. However, this henchman is none other than DC’s Victor Zsasz. The degradation of Victor Zsasz to mere henchmen sounds like a very bad thing for the character.


Killer Croc

DC Characters Ruined In DCEU
DC Characters Ruined In DCEU

DCEU’s Killer Croc from the ‘Suicide Squad’ seemed to have been missing a bite. Unlike his DC counterpart who is displayed with a big hulking body and a pack a serious punch in its bite. The DCEU’s Killer Croc was a major disappointment for several fans across the globe.


Jimmy Olsen

The photo/videographer always seen assisting Lois Lane in all her escapades in the DC narrative is none other than Jimmy Olsen. But Olsen’s portrayal in the DCEU was slightly dark and debatable on multiple terms. First of all, how can a photographer, be an undercover CIA agent for more than a decade and then out of the blue gets killed off in the narrative.



Compare to her role in DC Comics, Katana’s role in DCEU’s ‘Suicide Squad’ was somewhat limited to only a few scenes here and there. The katana-wielding warrior in the DC Comics is like batman’s personal hit squad often sent for undercover co-ops, which might be too time-consuming and difficult for people with international recognition to pull through.


The Joker

In the DC narrative, Joker has been one of the most challenging and difficult characters, who have been on several occasions a serious pain in Batman’s buttocks. His image as the “Clown Prince of Gotham” seems like a perfect fit for the suicidal maniac. But Joker’s DCEU versions have seen multiple versions of the mad clown, across decades. Some of these famous impersonations of the villain were loved by fans. They were played by Heath Ledger, Cesar Romero, Joaquin Phoenix, Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto. But DCEU still has to find the clown’s perfect match.


Lex Luthor

The business tycoon, crazed by the fact that Superman is an alien has driven him to the farthest corners of the earth, in search of the fortress of solitude in both the alternate universe. But the most recent DCEU version of Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg witnessed a never-before side of the rich maniac. Jesse’s portrayal of the character witnessed a very hyperactive version of the villain, which kind of ruined the evil calm demeanor of the character from the comics.


Hal Jordan

DC Characters Ruined In DCEU
DC Characters Ruined In DCEU

In DC Comics, Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern has always been seen as the founding members of the Justice League. But in the DCEU version of the Justice League, the intergalactic peace-keeping soldier seems to have been forgotten completely. He has been seen taking on Darkseid in the comics, but in the DCEU version, there is only a slight reference to the old Green Lantern of the earth which was many centuries ago.


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