10 Amazing Powers of The Sentry – Marvel’s Most Powerful Superhero

There have been a lot of superheroes that the comic books introduced to us that turned out to be just Superman wannabes. Most of them did not pan out well and were lost to the annals of time. Sentry is probably the most popular among the chosen few Superman counterparts that stood out. Robert Reynolds was injected with a serum that gave him a power of million exploding suns. It allowed him to gain access to near limitless amounts of strength, speed, durability and a host of other abilities. As the Sentry, Reynolds had virtually no upper limits of strength. The more he pushes himself, the more powerful he becomes. With age, his powers grow and new powers are unlocked.

So why is the Marvel Universe riddled with supervillains even though there is a God among their midst? As it turns out, the Sentry has a split personality disorder because of the serum. His evil psyche called the Void could take over his body at any point, which is why the Avengers refrain from asking for his help. Nonetheless, the Sentry is damn powerful and we will tell you why. Presenting – 10 Amazing Powers of the Sentry – Marvel’s Most Powerful Superhero!

 1. Superhuman agility and stamina

Sentry Marvel Most Powerful Superhero

Whenever Robert Reynolds becomes the Sentry, he turns into a muscular juggernaut of a man. His musculature would give the finest body builders a run for their money. As the Sentry, the guy no longer faces the trivial issues of fatigue. He can go on and on indefinitely without his muscles tiring or cramping up. As long as he is the Sentry, no force on Earth can make him take a second to catch his breath. The muscle tone of the Sentry is so super-humanly gifted that it also gives him extreme levels of agility. His sense of balance is also inhuman. He has shown levels of acrobatic talent that even some superheroes could only dream about.

 2. Superhuman reflexes and senses

Sentry Marvel Most Powerful Superhero

The Sentry’s senses are enhanced beyond what humans could ever comprehend. His senses would be a thing for envy for even the likes of Spider-Man and Daredevil. The Sentry can spot any man from hundreds of miles away from a huge crowd or even look above the cloud level while standing on the ground with pinpoint accuracy. The guy can also tune his ears to listen to any frequency. He once claimed that he could listen to a butterfly’s heartbeat a whole continent away. The reflexes of the Sentry are also godlike. A Skrull Gun, whose bullets travel faster than any Earth Gun bullet, was intercepted by the Sentry in less than a nanosecond. Even Thor has admitted his reaction time is slower than the Sentry’s.

 3. Superhuman Speed

Sentry Marvel Most Powerful Superhero

The Sentry also has the power of god like speed to compliment his quick reflex actions. The Sentry can fly at speeds that defy the laws of Physics. Nothing in this universe can travel faster than the speed of light – that is what Einstein said. Looks like Einstein never met the Sentry. He once traveled from the Earth to the sun in a matter of seconds. To put things into perspective, light takes eight minutes to travel from the sun to reach planet Earth. This means the Sentry can easily cover distances way faster than light ever could. Thor has been found to be overwhelmed with the speed of the Sentry on several occasions.

 4. Light Energy Manipulation

Sentry Marvel Most Powerful Superhero

A lot of superheroes possess the ability to manipulate energy. It is not a new thing in any comic book universe. Even Superman can manipulate energy. So why is this ability of the Sentry on this list? The Sentry’s Energy Manipulation is different in the sense that it is completely light based. The golden aura and lightning that surrounds the Sentry are not just for show. He possesses the ability to absorb and generate near limitless amounts of light energy. He once used his energy projections powers to level entire city blocks. He has even used his power to manipulate energy into burning the skin off of the Hulk, a feat that was thought to be impossible before he did it.

 5. God Tier Strength

Sentry Marvel Most Powerful Superhero

Sentry is Strong, Period You throw literally anything at this guy and he can punch his way out of it. The amount of Strength the Sentry possesses can be explained by the fact that he once held off the World Breaker Hulk – the strongest version of the Hulk, using just his fists. The Sentry has fought Captain Marvel, Thor and She Hulk and beat them, and he did that while he was fighting them all at the same time! Sometime, the Sentry is strong enough to beat even the Void – his own evil split personality that is always at war with his psyche. This is probably the last of his powers when the writers of the Sentry did not smoke weed since it gets weirder from here.

 6. Molecular Manipulation

Sentry Marvel Most Powerful Superhero

Molecule Man, with the ability to control and manipulate the molecular structures of anything and everything in the universe, is one of the strongest villains in Marvel Comics. He had once encountered the Sentry in a fight and he almost defeated him by turning him into a pool of liquid. We say “almost” because the Sentry restructured his body from scratch and came back as a whole. No one, not even the Sentry, knows how he did that. Even the Molecule Man had no clue and he is supposed to be the world’s foremost authority when it comes to this particular skill-set. Some theorize that this power is the gift of the Void, which has an even larger pool of powers than the Sentry does.

 7. Super Power Sharing

Sentry Marvel Most Powerful Superhero

If you wish to be friends with a superhero, then we recommend you put Sentry at the top of that list. The Sentry has the ability to share his powers with his most trusted allies. He once used this skill to grant a young boy called Billy Turner with fantastical abilities. Billy is more popularly known as the Superhero Scout. The Sentry can even grant a portion of his powers to other superheroes like the Hulk or Captain America, to be a fail safe in case the Void takes over his body. Like Shazam of the DC universe, the Sentry can create superhuman allies if she wishes by granting them a portion of his powers and still function at maximum capacity.

 8. Psychic and Psionic Abilities

Sentry Marvel Most Powerful Superhero

It was like the writers wanted a superhero that could fit in all the eggs in one basket. The Sentry has both telepathy and telekinesis to back him up. The Sentry’s telepathic prowess is so strong that it could rival the abilities of Emma Frost, an Omega level telepathic mutant. Emma Frost once claimed that the Sentry might be the strongest telepathy she has come across and considering the fact that Emma has known Professor X since ages, it is saying something. The Sentry once wiped out memories of the entire world, making the whole world (including Professor X, Jean Grey and Emma Frost) forget his existence. He also once stopped Mjolnir just by using his telekinetic powers.

 9. Biological Manipulation

Sentry Marvel Most Powerful SuperheroThe Sentry, as if wasn’t already overpowered enough, even has the ability control all forms of biology. The only other person that could rival his bio-kinetic powers is Elixir, another Omega Level Mutant. The Sentry has the power to cure any disease just by willing it. He once cured the spinal cord injuries of the daughter of his therapist, allowing her to walk again in mere seconds. He has also used his powers to give himself a healing factor. He can cure any disease if he wishes it. The Void on the other hand, uses this power offensively. The Void once used this power to give a woman terminal stage breast cancer. The Sentry can even resurrect the dead using this skill (like he resurrected his dead wife) but the problem is he himself has no idea how this power works.

 10. Invincibility

Sentry Marvel Most Powerful Superhero

The Sentry is both immortal and invulnerable to any weapon, disease or injury, making him virtually invincible. There is no known weapon, psychic, magical or technological, that could kill him. The only known weakness he has is his unstable mind. But he is not unstable all the time. It takes time for his mental fragility to kick in. If it does, the Sentry will ask his fellow superheroes to stop him before it is too late. But if it does not and the Void takes over, the battle is already lost. The Sentry can never be stopped by any being in the Universe until and unless he himself wishes it. The only person that is powerful to stop the Sentry is himself.

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