10 Easter Eggs In Harry Potter That You Missed

When it comes to mystery, the Harry Potter universe has loads of it and every time we watch these movies we are able to spot some Easter eggs in the series that were cleverly put by the makers. The series has many clever suspense and plot lines that later meet and make things come full circle. These are some of the easter eggs in the Potter movies that were not utilized by the series later and were simply forgotten.

The Gryffin-door:

This one is known by most but we’ll still discuss it. So you remember the entrance to Dumbledore’s office right? Harry first goes there in Chamber of secrets and the fact that the entrance is literally a ‘Gryffin-door’ always makes us amazed. The Gryffin is like a magical elevator that takes you to Dumbledore’s office and it’s just amazing and well thought of as Dumbledore was himself a Gryffindor

The Hogwarts motto:

The Latin motto of Hogwarts is “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus” which translates to “Never tickle a sleeping dragon”. The motto is just funny but interesting and it always seemed like there was some hidden clue in this line. Some believe that the dragon scene in Gringotts in the last book was foreshadowed by the motto all along.

Rufus Scrimgeor’s look is similar to Godric Gryffindor:

When the character of Rufus Scrimgeor was first introduced in the books, fans noticed the fact that his physical description is very much like the founder of Gryffindor house. He is often described as an ‘old lion’ in the books and that just makes the comparison more real. Fans anticipated that maybe in the last book there would be a revelation about him being connected to Gryffindor in some way but that never happened.

The entrance code for Ministry of magic:

You might remember the scene from OOTP where Mr. Weasley and Harry get into a phonebooth and after dialing a number on the phone they get entrance into the ministry. The number that is dialed by Mr. Weasley is ‘62442’ which if entered on the keypad of a phone spells ‘MAGIC’. This little piece of trivia is often missed by people but we see how JKR played with numbers and words there.

Black’s family’s obsession with stars:

So there are a lot of peculiar things about the noble and most ancient house of Black and apparently one of them is the names of the family members. Many of the names of the Black family members are based on the names of Stars or constellations. Sirius, Andromeda, Bellatrix are all names of famous Stars and constellations and Narcissa carried on the tradition by naming her son Draco which is a constellation in the northern sky.

Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley:

As we know JKR loves some good word play and hides some meanings behind them. The name Diagon Alley simply comes from the word ‘diagonally’ which is also what Harry says before going through the floo network. He then ends up in Knockturn Alley which is wordplay on the word ‘nocturnally’ which is befitting when we see it’s a place for the crooked and dark wizards.

The first wand Harry tries:

We all know the connection between Harry and Voldemort’s wands and the significance of his wand core but Harry tried a few wands before finding his wand. The first wand Ollivander gave Harry was a wand with a dragon heartstring and it is believed that this wand core has a higher chance of turning to the dark side. The fact that this wand didn’t choose Harry says a lot about Harry.

The meaning of Umbridge’s name:

Almost all Potterheads agree that Umbridge is the most hated character of the series and more people wanted her dead than Voldemort. Her name suggested her character from the beginning but we never noticed. The word ‘Dolor’ means pain in Spanish and ‘Umbra’ means darkness. So her name was always a clue about her character but we certainly missed this easter egg.

Ron’s jokes often had hidden clues in them:

Ron Weasley often brings the much needed comic relief in the series but did you know that sometimes his statements and jokes have hidden clues in them? In the book, Prisoner of Azkaban Ron reads the tea leaves in Harry’s cup and predicts that Harry will soon come into some money and the next year Harry wins the Triwizard Tournament and wins the prize money for it.

Aunt Petunia’s name:

harry potter

You may know that the name Petunia comes from the flowers of the same name but did you know what these flowers represent? The Petunia flowers are known to represent anger and resentment which is why you should never gift them to a loved one. This is obviously connected to Petunia’s character and how she resented her sister for her magical abilities.

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