7 Things About Vision That Will Blow Your Senses

Masterminded by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Vision first appeared in Marvel Mystery Comics #13 and was introduced in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Given his multifaceted nature and the way that he’s been there for quite a while in the comic books, Vision is a character with immense super power. There are many things about Vision that the fans are still not aware of. Check out these seven things that you should know about the man with super analytical abilities.

1. Vision was adapted from a comic-book character

Aarkus, crime fighter, made sure that he takes really good care of the bad guys. He was nicknamed as Vision. He could not only fly but could also create an illusion of himself. He also had this power wherein he could manipulate cold and ice. Basically, Silver Age maker Roy Thomas was believed to be supposed to fear Marvel “taking away” his new material, so this character was created from the huge Marvel library.

2. He has twin origins

So, we basically have Silver Age and Modern Age Vision. The Silver Age Vision was initially made by Ultron to be an enemy of the Avengers. The Modern Age is a blend of the old Vision and the armor of this time-traveling Iron Lad.

3. He was created using Wonder Man’s brainwaves

The origin is similar in MCU and the comic books. So, in the comics, he was made as a weapon against Avengers and in the MCU, he was supposedly Ultron’s last.

In the comics, he was created when Ultron consolidated the brainwaves of the dead Wonder Man and an imitation of the Human Torch. In the MCU, Vision is a result of Dr.Cho’s support, vibranium, and the mind stone.

4. In another universe, he is a woman

The Vision in this universe is completely different from the standard form that is known to the fans. Most importantly, his time around the character is a young lady. She has got precognitive.

5. He is exceptionally powerful

In the comics, Vision has the capacity to fly and stage through strong forces. He can repair and recover himself more frequently than an average human being. He has superhuman dexterity, knowledge, quality, and speed. The real-life variant of the character has comparable powers in the MCU. He also has the capacity to produce cells.

6. His humanity is his defining characteristic

In spite of the fact that he is actually a synthezoid, i.e., no doubt he is human, but with a little catch that he was artificially created. He was more of a technology-driven character. But in spite of this, he is well-known for his humanity. And he can feel emotions too.

7. And yes he was marriedVision

Most of you probably don’t know that Vision married to the Scarlet Witch. The two had a riotous relationship that wasn’t generally endorsed of, seeing as how he actually isn’t human. When their relationship ended, he got connected with Carol Danvers.

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