The DEFENDERS Netflix TV Series: A Huge Star Joins the Cast as Villain

Marvel and Netflix together revealed this new star cast joining the team as the bad ass villain for the series of The Defenders. Well, it’s none other than our very own Sigourney Weaver. Shocked?! Well, we sure were. Coming as a bit of a surprise.


Moving on! If Marvel has decided to cast a big shot star like Sigourney Weaver in the series of The Defenders. You can bet, they have some really big plans ahead, giving their fans much to look forward to in the series of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and of course The Defenders.

Not only this, fans all over have been contemplating Weaver’s role as a villain in the series, and what she would bring forth. The series would start their production in the next few weeks since the Iron Fist season 1 has wrapped up.


It was initially at the NYCC panel the first announcement was made about Weaver joining the series – “Marvel is honored to have an actress of her caliber and status join what is already our biggest show ever!” stated Jeph Loeb, Marvel TV head, on Saturday. “She is by definition a class act.”


It was with this announcement that fans finally got to see the complete team of Netflix series on stage with Mike Colter playing Luke Cage, Krysten Ritter from Jessica Jones, Charlie Cox the Daredevil and Finn Jones as the Iron Fist.


So far not much has been disclosed as to how these Netflix series would come together. Knowing pretty well that each series has their own set of big bad villains to worry about. We can say that Netflix has taken things to a new level by giving us some major stars. And by the looks of it, some great storyline to look forward to as well.

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Currently being aired on Netflix is Daredevil Season 1 & 2, Jessica Jones season 1, and Luke Cage season 1. Iron Fist season 1 is all set to be launched on March 17th, 2017. Following this, The Defenders and The Punisher arrive sometime in 2017. We are yet to get the release dates for Jessica Jones season 2 and Daredevil season 3.

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