8 Superhero Weapons That Make Them What They Are

Superheroes are always fighting against the evil and sometimes they stretch their superhero grudges for personal gains. Besides their sidekicks, weapons are their weapons are the only assisters that never leave their company and help them get out of the dungeon of situations. Here we are counting down on eight superhero weapons (and we are not including the vehicles they use).

Hell Chain of Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider has two common things made from hell. One is his bike The Hell Cycle and the other weapon is The Hell Chain. Ghost Rider wears it on his body which works according to the character’s command. It can be turned into a saw, Lasso, and other forms.

Captain America’s Shield


Always hanging on the backside when he is not fighting, Captain America’s shield help protect him from bullets and the powerful laser attacks. Printed in the colors of the American flag the kicks the butt of evilness. It is made up an alloy of vibranium and adamantium, which makes it impossible to pierce through.

Batarang of Batman


Batman’s Bangarangs is one of the killers but he never goes against his code of not killing. He uses it to distract enemies and for dropping down weapons through it. Moreover, he can electronically navigate it according to his moves and motives. It can easily fit on his utility belt.

Green Lantern’s Power Ring

This one is one of the insane weapons ever. The power ring can transform anything according to the will power of wearer. But the worst part of this weapon is that it needs to be recharged from the same charges given by the creator.

Thor’s Hammer
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Composed of Asgardian metal Uru, Thor’s metal hammer, Mjölnir, is the heaviest weapon to hold. Only a few superheroes can lift it. This god-powered hammer is inscribed with a line, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

Bracelets of Victory

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A key portion of Wonder Woman’s ensemble, the Bracelets of Victory are silver sleeves worn around Diana’s wrists – however, they are much more than adornments. These wrist trinkets were fashioned from the shield of the Zeus himself, and all things considered, are indestructible. Their association with Zeus even permits Wonder Woman to utilize her sleeves keeping in mind the end goal to extend a lightning impact from them, utilizing them as a hostile weapon (a move which may soon mean the extra large screen).

Iron Man Suit

The playboy billionaire, Tony Stark, does not possess any superpower but wears a suit that possesses incredible superpowers and can beat the shit out enemies in a quick flick. The impenetrable Iron Man suit helps Stark to fight flawlessly and thanks to JARVIS who keeps a strong surveillance in surroundings.

Spider-Man’s Web Shooters

From tying up with skyscrapers and walls to swinging all the way through streets of New York, Spider-Man’s web-shooters are made up from technically-enhanced special fluids which help him escape almost any nasty situation.

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