Supergirl: 5 Major Differences Between The TV Show And The Comics

Supergirl has created her way in the superhero family and has done pretty well. We have seen Kara in comics and series and I must say there are differences in the way things have been portrayed. Check out these 5 Major Differences Between The TV Show And The Comics

Kara’s Debut was Similar To The TV show

So, this Super girl is from a Krypton. Kara is bestowed with the responsibility of protecting her cousin Kal. Kara didn’t even remember that Krypton was destroyed. New 52 reboot witnessed her debut. In order to give a background, both DC and the New 52 reboot were made such that they beautifully weave the character of Supergirl. Things were presented in a manner that they made it easy for the audience to understand things.

No one can forget Kara’s Super-Powered Horse In The Comics

TV Show

You might have seen superheroes and their ‘superpets’. So, basically, Supergirl had this sidekick, Streaky. Supergirl’s failed experiment gave her cat the unusual Kryptonian power. I guess this s one hell of a bizarre pet but wait, before you think that ways, think of the ‘Superhorse”. This pet has done a lot of stuff. For instance, he is a horse with some telepathic powers and joins Kara too.

Her Death witnessed The Conception Of Other Supergirls

After the death of Supergirl, lot of other Supergirls popped up. LexLuthor created Matrix. She has this power of shifting shape and can become invisible too. The character was ultimately rebooted. In the book, we saw her intervened with a human. Linda Danvers served as Supergirl (of DC of course).

Martian Manhunter wasn’t a part of Supergirl’s Origin


Kara and Martian Manhunter had some kind of emotional connections as we saw on TV show series that was missing in comics. Although we saw Kara’s adoptive parents in the series, Hank Henshaw, Head of the DEO was close to her (of course after her sister).

Cat Grant Hated Supergirl


In the series we saw Cat Grant as a supporter of Supergirl, however, she was anti supergirl in the comics. She wrote negative things about her.

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