Wonder Woman’s Superhero Costume Isn’t A Costume, Says DC Comics

We all love Gal Gadot. We all love Wonder Woman. What do we love even more than these two? Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman! In the giant clusterfuck of a universe that is the DCEU, they do have gotten some things right. Things like Female Heroes taking the center stage, Villains and the realistic symbolism aside, the one thing that has been spot on in both DC Comics and the DC Extended Universe is Wonder Woman, Princess of the Amazons and fan favorite of the masses.

Wonder Woman is a superhero that dates back to the Pre World War Two era. She made her debut as Wonder Woman and her alter ego Diana Prince even before the Nazis said ‘We Quit’ in 1945. She has become an idol to every girl and woman ever since. Her star-spangled uniform with the Gold borderline and the tiara and the lasso tucked to her waist, she is a cultural identity. When you think of a superhero character draped in Red, Gold, and Blue, you think of Wonder Woman (Sorry Cap). That is how influential she and her costume have been since the ages.

But there is a secret about her costume that even the die-hard fans have no idea about. Wonder Woman’s costume holds a deep dark secret, a secret that might shatter your notions about Diana Prince. The Demigod has been unfairly hiding things from her fans. Well not anymore! Are you ready to learn about the secret that we have been so eagerly talking about?

Wonder Woman’s Red, Blue and Gold costume is not even a costume. All superheroes have been fighting crime and stopping bad guys only after the heroes were their capes and drapes. Well, not Wonder Woman. She never wore a superhero costume in her entire career as a crime-fighting superhero. Wonder Woman’s Costume isn’t a Costume, says DC Comics. It is a religious garment!

The shocking revelation came to light when Diana herself clarified that the costume everyone is referring to is not even a costume. It is an ancient traditional garment worn by Greek shield maidens while in combat. The red and gold is a warrior’s tradition. She wears it out of respect for her culture, not by virtue of her choice. The truth was revealed by Wonder Woman herself in Justice League #35.

Events of Justice League #34 see an innocent nun being killed by a terrorist who is wielding Diana’s Sword that she carries into combat. The sword is the confiscated by the Police as a murder weapon and Diana is brought in for questioning.

“Your costume,” asks  NYC Police Department Interrogation Officer Ryan as  he swiftly cuts off Diana. “It’s a habit,” she says, unperturbed.

“Well, yes,” he adds, “I’d assume dressing like that becomes a habit.”

“A habit, Mr. Ryan,” Diana claims, “A religious garment. I do not wear ‘a costume.'”

As Officer Ryan presses Diana more, she is forced to answer in a more direct tone.

“Diana of Themyscira. Daughter of Hippolyta,” Diana interjects.

“And that’s all you’re going to give me,” says Ryan as he tries to force her into giving more intel.

“That’s all there is, Mr. Ryan.”

There it is folks. The Costume that you drooled over until now is not even a costume. It is just what she wears. She never had a costume in the first place. But then what about Gal Gadot? Her comic book counterpart readily slides off the costume as “religious garment”. Will Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince do the same in DCEU?

Kind of a show spoiler if you ask me. The DCEU has also introduced Wonder Woman into its universe in a similar fashion. The Costume she wears is more than just a costume. It is how warriors of Themiscyra are portrayed in DC movies while in combat. In the comics, Diana Prince has completely absorbed her alter ego into her superhero role. There are no more two identities. Diana Prince and Wonder Woman, in the comic books, are not two separate entities but one singular force. Maybe the movies will take a similar route.

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot has recently reprised her role as Wonder Woman in Justice League. She will again assume the titular role for a Wonder Woman sequel movie already in the pipeline and set for a release date in early 2019.

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