10 MCU Plot Holes That Have Never Been Solved

One of the most interesting parts of the MCU has to be the larger narrative that each individual project is a part of. Each of the movies has a solid narrative of its own and at the same time lays the foundation for the larger story. Over the years we have witnessed certain plot points being laid out in the individual movies which eventually played a part in the larger narrative. But this has also led to some plot holes being laid into the narrative over the years. Eager fans have noticed that there have been some events that have been completely leftover and MCU never addressed them. Some of these plotholes are quite major and fans are waiting for them to be addressed but some others make no sense at all. Let’s take a look at some of the MCU plot holes that are absolutely nonsensical and need to be addressed in the coming future.

Why Was Strange Considered A Threat By Hydra?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of the most important and awesome projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is here that we discover that the Hydra organization has been working ever since Captain America came into being. Zola had developed an algorithm that allowed him to identify all the current enemies of Hydra and also the ones in the near future. An interesting name was attached to this and that included Stephen Strange. But this left us wondering why has he become a threat considering he hadn’t yet become the Sorcerer Supreme.


What If..?‘s Stever Rogers Cannot Be A Main Character

The first episode of the Disney+ series What If…? explores something that is very likely to happen if Carter was given the Super Soldier Serum instead of Rogers. Even though Captain Carter becomes an essential character, the episode still progresses on Steve Rogers’ arc. It makes no sense that his character would be given a chance to stick around with zero experience. Later he would get the Hydra Stomper suit from Howard Stark that continues to bring the question about why is he important to the story anymore.


How Can Captain America Return All The Stones?

MCU Plot Holes

The ending of Avengers: Endgame sees Captain returning all the Infinity Stones to their respective timelines. This was in order to cut off all the branches that had been created in the sacred timeline. Doing this mission would require Captain to have a sufficient amount of the Pym Particles. We are also left imagining what would have happened when he met the stone keeper version of Red Skull. There is no hint at all towards how the mission would have been successfully achieved by Cap.


Zemo’s Civil War Plan Doesn’t Make Sense

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Captain America: Civil War saw the heroes undergoing a major divide amongst themselves. We saw them being divided by the acts of Zemo. The key to doing that was the information that the Winter Soldier had killed Iron Man’s parents. But obtaining this information is an essential part of the entire plan and once that fails then nothing Zemo does would make any sense at all. It was only because the Winter Soldier was caught did Zemo manage to ensure his plan passes. If it won’t have been that way then Zemo won’t have had any other means of getting the Avengers to work against each other.


The Concept Behind Nexus Event

The concept of Nexus Events is first introduced in the Disney+ series Loki. We see that it is explained that the moment someone strays from their path in the sacred timeline they create a Nexus Event and become a variant. This allows us to see a variety of different variants and that makes for an exciting watch. Later in the series, we get to see a lot of Loki’s variants appear including a rather silly alligator Loki. Thus there was no clear indication about how these Nexus Events happened.


Loki Should Not Exist If Cap Managed To Return The Stones

During the events of Avengers: Endgame we see Thanos and his Black Order being decimated. Considering they didn’t manage to return to their timeline, that timeline would have been left without a Loki. Around the end, we would see Captain America going back in time to return every one of the Infinity Stones back in their timeline in order to clear all the branches. This is the very reason we didn’t get to see the Time Variance Authority coming to prune the Avengers. But Cap returning the stones could actually mean that even Loki won’t have been required to be caught by the TVA.


How Did Ant-Man Manage To Change His Size Randomly During Endgame?

MCU Plot Holes

Ant-Man played a very important role to play in the final entry to the Infinity Saga. If it wasn’t for him then the Avengers wouldn’t have managed to undo the wrath brought upon the world by Thanos. The movie makes it quite clear that with all the Pyms gone there was a scarcity of the Pym particles. But later during the final battle, Scott Lang manages to grow to massive size. This would have been quite difficult considering the heroes hardly had enough particles to execute the time heist.


How Many Infinity Stones Did Thanos Manage To Acquire Before Infinity War?

Thanos first appears in The Avengers and we find that he had sent Loki in order to obtain the Tesseract. In a rather unexplained manner, SHIELD is shown tinkering with the Tesseract due to which Loki ends up appearing. But Loki has the Mind Stone with him and it is the only Stone that Thanos had managed to acquire so far. We are left wondering about why Thanos would let Loki, God of mischief go on a mission with the only Stone Thanos had.


How Did Thor Become A God?

The Asgardian characters are actual Gods and are worshipped in certain places across the world. These godly titles are because of their visits to Earth or Midgard sometime during the Middle Ages. In The Avengers, Thor mentions that he had only paid a visit to Earth once before and that was what we had seen in the first Thor movie. This begs the question then, how did Thor become a God if he had only visited Earth once before. There is a clear plothole about Thor’s past appearances on Earth that ended up making him a God.


How Did War Machine Manage To Appear In The Final Battle During Endgame?

Before the final battle in Avengers: Endgame, the missiles destroy the Avengers base. This leads to some of the characters being thrown off into different places and some even getting stuck under debris. We saw that Rocket, War Machine, and Hulk were buried together with Hulk being the only one able to help them. Later we see Ant-Man in his Giant-Size appearing to help them but Rhodes’s suit had completely destroyed. And yet, around the end we see him appearing in a completely new War Machine suit.

Which of these MCU plot holes do you think does not deserve to be on the list? Let us know.

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