10 Superheroes You Won’t Believe That Killed Their Parents

Not all superheroes have been able to prevent their parents’ murder. Such as the Flash, but more so some of them, directly or indirectly have been responsible for their parents’ death. Here is a list of a few:

Black Panther

Well, this one isn’t actually his fault. T’Challa is one of the best superheroes that Marvel has to offer to the people. Kind of a Tyrion Lannister case here, but still it was T’challa because of whom his mother died. Yeah, she died giving birth to the Black Panther.


This bastard has to be the least tragic superhero on this list. The anti-hero is actually a mercenary that can be seen on his bike often creating a ruckus and facing the Justice League. He is a Czarnian, the last one. Why? because he killed the rest by leaving scorpion-like creatures and spreading plague on this planet. He did this for a Science Fair. And also got an ‘A’. From Himself. Killed his parents in this too.

X-23 Kills Her Mother

Of course, the girl has taken up after her father. After failing numerous times in recreating Wolverine’s clone this time scientist named Sarah Kinney thinks that this time they should try to clone Wolvie on a female body. The kid that is then born is X-23, she was birthed by Kinney who was her surrogate mother. The girl had the same powers as her father did. She was given a mission to kill Zander ice, who then used a trigger scent that filled her with rage. So much so that she ended up killing her own mother.

Black Bolt Kills His Parents

Black Bol is someone who is a really stoic figure in the world of superheroes. When he is exposed to Terrigen as a result of his parents’ weird experiments. Then his brother joined the campaign against Inhumans with the Kree. This happened and the Kree were trying to flee, Bolt used his voice to stop the ship, but it crashed and his parents died.

Spider-Man Lets Uncle Ben Die

Who better than Uncle Ben, to be someone to absolutely change a person into something else. The dying glare that he gave to Peter started an entirely different chapter in Peter’s life making him wear the Spandex and become the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It was his death that reminded Peter of his failure and what happens when a hero fails to act.


Blade became a part of the Marvel Comic Universe in 1973. Blade’s mother when in labor called for a doctor, and the doc who came was actually a vampire who bit and killed her, and Blade got the vampire’s immortality. Indirectly though, but Blade had a part in his mother’s death.

Bruce Banner

If there has to be someone on this list who has actually tormented his kid more than anyone ever could, it has to be Brian Banner, Bruce Banner’s father. Banner has outrightly told that he actually received the ‘monster gene’ from his father, because of whom he actually became the angry Hulk, when the gamma rays hit him. And one fine day the Hulk just killed the old bastard.


Obviously, we all know what Logan did. When his stepfather tried to attack his real father (who actually wasn’t his father) Logan accidentally triggered his mutation and killed him by getting really angry, using his bone claws.


Okay, this dude too there was something of a mommy and daddy killer. We all know that he had a really abusive father. But in many of the retcons and the changed histories of the character, his father has been different people. Recently in the comic named Original Sin, Wade was given the task to murder a couple, whom he burned in their beds. Those turned out to be Wade’s parents, but he didn’t know that.

The Runaways Kill Their Parents


Okay, this one tops the list as the children who thought that their parents were meeting for a charity event find out that their parents actually were trying to destroy the entire world for the sake of some Gods. The two sides then confront each other and the runaways then, who had stolen their parents’ weapons destroy the underwater layer of their parents’ organization and probably killed them all.

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