The 838 Illuminati Won In The Multiverse of Madness

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was crushed under the weight of its own hype with the release of Multiverse of Madness. A lot of people thought that the movie would be about the disintegration of the multiverse. But what we actually got was a movie about how sad Scarlet Witch was. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what Raimi did with Wanda. Making her into a big scary villain really brings out the best in the character. Also, Elisabeth Olsen’s performance in the movie was absolutely fantastic. But in the end, we think that The 838 Illuminati won and fooled everyone.

We previously discussed a theory by The Cosmic Wonder where we said that we thought that Wanda did not win because of her powers but in fact, she was allowed to win by The Illuminati. Lest we forget, The Illuminati is made up of some of the strongest and most intelligent characters in the Marvel Multiverse. Their combined intellect could put the entire world to shame. Regardless, they did end up dying at the hands of the Scarlet Witch. But it is possible that this was all part of Reed’s plans. You see, there is still one Illuminati member who is alive and has the power to reverse the deaths of all the other members.


The 838 Illuminati Won

I am talking about Karl Mordo. The Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-838 is a powerful magician and the keeper of this universe’s version of the time stone. He still has the power to use this infinity stone to reverse the death of all of The Illuminati’s members in order to ensure their survival. But a new theory proposes that the time stone will not be used at all. In fact, Reddit user u/BloomingtonTownie thinks that something else will be used to resurrect Illuminati. Take a look at his theory down below and keep reading for our analysis.


“So there’s been a lot of theories floating around about 838 Mordo using the time stone to rewind time and bringing the Illuminati back to life after Wanda’s rampage. I dig this theory a lot – and it has precedent since that’s how 616 Wong is alive after the events of Doctor Strange 1.

However, I think the 838 Illuminati won using a different stone: the reality stone. After defeating 838 Thanos on Titan, they are in possession of it after all. Wanda’s rampage was all a reality stone illusion similar to how 616 Thanos fought the Guardians of the Galaxy on Knowhere.”


So the logic is that because The Illuminati were eradicated using Hex magic, something that influences and changes the reality, hence something like the reality stone will be much more feasible when resurrecting The Illuminati. We cannot comment on who will use it because we did not get to see the Infinity Gauntlet or the other stones of the 838 universe. The last we saw it was on the dead Thanos’s hand on Titan in universe 838. But it is completely possible that Marvel will use the Infinity stones sooner or later, they always end up doing so anyway.


The Future

The 838 Illuminati won

After all, there is no way that The Illuminati’s plan merely involved binding Wanda in his arms and hoping for the best. Wanda went through quite an ordeal in this movie. Her carnage was earth-shattering, quite literally. The powers of the Scarlet Witch are abundant and there are not many superheroes who can oppose her when she gets mad. We think that bringing back The Illuminati might be MCU’s best bet, especially considering the fact that they would want to introduce all these characters in the MCU anyway.


It is possible that there are elements to Reed’s plan that we are completely missing at the moment. We cannot wait to find out what is in store for us. What other universes and what other power will we get to see during the multiversal war? Just thinking about it sends chills down our spine.

Let us know what you think down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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