Dwayne Johnson Is The New DC Supervillain

Being one of the big Justice League films, Shazam – Black Adam movie would definitely be happening. This was confirmed by Warner Bros and the fact that they are still working on it.

Dwayne Johnson would still be appearing as the Black Adam (no changes to that, of course!). The movie- Shazam is said to be a large part of DC Universe like all other DC movies are. Continuing its strong link between DC movies, some of which we’ve seen in Justice League and Suicide Squad. It is yet to be seen how DC would incorporate Shazam into Justice league.


With magic being introduced to the DC Universe. Though it’s more of Supernatural kind of magic, where they use a ‘Blanket’ term for anyone, with any kind of supernatural power. Calling them meta-humans, including Superman.

While Billy Batson becomes Shazam, and Black Adam are also called as Meta-humans according to Amanda Waller and the Government.


The movie went into production a few years back, but over the time it kind of lost its way. Fans asking questions if the movie was happening? From what we know, The Rock is still playing Black Adam and the movie is happening.

Shazam is happening (for sure), but we are yet to hear about the release date of the movie.

It might come as a surprise, but the production is yet to select a star cast to play the role of Billy Batson. Apart from three main cast, with one being Black Adam played by Dwayne Johnson as the big bad villain. Then there’s young Billy Batson, a 10-year-old kind and finally, there is Billy’s adult self as Shazam.


From what we know, the team is still waiting for the right story and the right kid to come along to play the part.

Here’s what we have – Billy Batson stumbles upon a wizard Shazam, the rock of eternity. He is the guardian of all the magic on Earth. He permeates Billy Batson with this power to do good, giving him the ability to call down different Greek gods.

He is as fast as the Flash, he has magical lightning, he can even fly and along with other powers. However, in order to use these powers, he has to use a power word to activate these powers – and the word is – Shazam!


This 10-year boy who walks the streets is actually an adult who has the ability to use all these powers. It’s kind of exciting and a bit freaky, knowing an adult is inside a 10-year-old boy’s body.

For us, no matter what plot of the movie they use, it would be great to see how they interlink the Shazam movie to Justice League. Could be a possibility that Black Adam does something really bad to get Batman’s attention or the fact that 10-year-old Billy Batson comes across Superman.

Whatever the plot be, it would be exciting to see how the movie Shazam turns out to be.

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