10 Amazing Superhero Mash-Ups You Won’t Believe Are Actually Real

Superheroes are cool. What’s cooler than one superhero? Two superheroes!! With each having its own powers and skill sets and own sets of flaws, sometimes fans wish if that guy could have the powers of another so that he won’t get his ass kicked anymore. Presenting 10 unbelievable superhero mash-ups that are a feast for the eyes…

Hulk + Wolverine

 The Hulk was one byproduct of an experiment to recreate the super soldier serum, the thing that made Steve Rogers Captain America. The Wolverine was another attempt at creating the perfect weapon. What happens when you combine an enormous green juggernaut with an unstoppable clawed maniac? You get the Hulverine!

Spider-Man + Iron Man

Spidey always was a bright kid. After Tony Stark aka Iron Man recognizes the genius behind his mask, he decides to gift him the Iron Spider suit as a token of appreciation. Peter Parker then uses the suit to defeat hordes of bad guys. The Iron Spider suit has infrared vision, bulletproof skin, self-charging and self-healing technology and three spider legs like appendages that help Peter be Spiderman when he lost his powers.

Green Lantern + Batman

Dark Nights: Metal one shots introduced Batman’s worst nightmares and one of DC Universe’s most powerful beings into mainstream continuity. The Dawnbreaker was Bruce Wayne with a green lantern power ring. In another universe, Bruce Wayne has gifted the power ring after which he then kills Joe Chill and then the entire Green Lantern Corps and even the Guardians of Oa. His enormous willpower is too much for one universe to handle.

Thor + Groot

The Secret Wars miniseries introduced us to this abomination. God Doom’s personal enforcer, The Thor-Groot Hybrid exclaimed ‘I am Thor’ instead of ‘I am Groot’. It had glowing holes in his chest like Thor does and a cape made of bushes and leaves. There are several mash-ups of Thor in God Doom’s army but this one surely takes the cake.

War Machine + Punisher

Frank Castle is well known throughout the Cosmos as the one man army called The Punisher. But a Marvel Comics issue ended up making the fiercest human to ever live gain additional firepower.  The War Machine suit houses an arsenal that could destroy an entire city if unloaded. When The Punisher dons the suit, absolute, raw chaos ensues.

Batman + Joker

What if the Batman was the Joker himself? That is a nightmare that will give even the Gods the chills. When Joker dies at the hands of the Batman, he infects Bruce Wayne with a virus that turns him into his latest incarnation. Batman’s mind and Joker’s crazy combine and the entire Justice League kneels to his might.

Doctor Strange + Loki

What if Loki was the Sorcerer Supreme? What if the Norse God of Mischief had access to the plethora of knowledge housed within Doctor Strange’s house. The Eye of Agamotto, The Wand of Watoomb and various other powerful relics at the Trickster’s disposal. That is too much power mate. Too much power if you ask me.

Thor + War Machine

Secret Wars could be credited with helping us see whacky out of the world combinations of Thor with other superheroes. Grand Marshall Rhodes is War Machine. But he is also worthy of the Mjolnir hammer. So he dons the two in combat. He is the Technopolis’ leader of Law and Order. Even with all that power, they still do not save him from a painful death at the hands of Baron Stark.

Batman + Doomsday


Another one of Batman’s nightmares from the Dark Nights Metal issues, this version of Batman and Doomsday is called the Devastator. And he is just as dangerous as he sounds. After Superman goes rogue in another universe, Batman decides it is time to drink a potion that turns him into Superman’s greatest nightmare. The Batman-Doomsday hybrid is a force to be reckoned with. It is smart and deadly. Batman never looked so scary.

Iron Man + Doctor Doom


This had to be the number one on our list. After the events of Secret Wars, Victor Von Doom is no longer the ruler of Battleworld. To atone for his sins, he enters the Marvel mainstream Universe and dons a sleek and cool looking Iron Man armor and starts a superhero career. He uses his tech and sorcery to catch bad guys. But do not expect Doom’s change of heart to last much longer. Stark is returning from the dead and Riri Williams already calls herself Ironheart. The villain will still be remembered for that super awesome armor though.

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