4 Most Controversial Indian Movies Which Show Real Sex

Bollywood industry is full of culture and colors and ‘Parental Advisory Explicit Content’ is taken more seriously than western counterpart, Hollywood. Well, there is a huge segment of people who are not concerned about stories, but rather steamy, intense and sexual relationship between characters. You can’t deny this. Just like Hollywood, Bollywood does stretch a bit when it comes to showcasing real sexual scenes and nudity. So here we are counting down on four Indian movies which show real sex and nudity.

1. Gandu

This Qaushiq Mukherjee directorial is a Bengali film, which is based on an anonymous protagonist, Saneesh, who is often tagged as Gandu by whoever meets him. The film caused controversies over the nude and sexual scenes in the movie. Some of the moviegoers did not like the scene when the main character, Anubrata Basu, shows his erected penis.

2. Chatrak

This 2011’s Bengali film is about an architect in Dubai who returns to Kolkata after a long time. In between, her girlfriend, Paoli, waits for his return. But his life is darkened by his brother, Sumeet Thakur, who lives like a mad man in a jungle. In 2011, an explicit scene between Paoli and Anubrata Basu was leaked online which caused a controversy in Kolkata.

3. Sins

This Vinod Pande directorial is one of the controversial Bollywood movies. The movie received A-certificate following its portrayal of a Catholic priest romantically inclined towards a young woman. The film features several topless scenes. The movie is based on a priest who was accused of sexual harassment and murder.

4. Cosmic Sex

Cosmic Sex is an independent Bengali film, which is based on sex and spirituality. It is about a man who is on run from Kolkata and then he meets young Kripa, who looks like his dead mother. And then she gets him through the way living life sexually. And I don’t have to tell you whether it features sex scenes or not. The name is enough.

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