Who Is The Deadliest Supervillain In The DC Universe?  

Superheroes are loved by the fans, why won’t they be? They provide the reader’s hope and inspiration. They are the ones who may even look up to, while villains, well they too are loved but not cheered. DC supervillains have depth in their characters and them sure as hell extremely powerful.

So who’s the deadliest and most powerful DC villain of all time? Well, let’s go through some of the big ones.

Ra’s Ahl Ghul is the Head of The Demon is one of the fiercest villains of DC. In one storyline he is able to almost defeat the entire Justice League.

If the character wasn’t so obsessed with correcting the world by killing off most of humanity, well he’d be a great hero. Someone with such experience, knowledge, intellect, strength, and valor.

Deathstroke, undoubtedly the best assassin of the entire DC Universe, he is loved by all for the badass that he is, many shows have shown about his past, but have yet shown nothing in comparison to the actual range of his strengths.

Be it his physical regenerative capabilities or be it the fact that he can use 90% of his brain, or his super speed and physical prowess, he came into being after an experiment and a military career.

Joker is amongst the most famous DC supervillains. This the easiest and most notable of all. Of course, he’s loved greatly by the fans, call it his origin stories, out of which no one knows which one is true or call it his love for chaos and the identities that he develops. Or the most important reason, his obsession with Batman, which on multiple occasions, he has said that he and Batman can’t exist without one another.

Not just that, he also leaves the world of crime when Batman is presumed dead in the Dark Knight returns. What he is, is clearly obsessed with the caped crusader, and the fans with him.

Superboy Prime was meant to be a superhero but after the crisis on infinite earth story line his universe was obliterated because of this he was located on Earth Prime but he always had the urge to be Superman and because of that he became restless and began punching barriers of reality, due to this many retcons and resurrections throughout this is post crisis history were explained.

Not just that after this he was on killing many Green lanterns and also the post-crisis Superboy. He was also responsible for the war between Thanagar and Rann, which are two greatly powerful races. This is actually an evil Superman fighting the Avengers, which would be a close fight, but he would win.

Krona is from the planet Maltus, the planet from where even the Guardians are. He was a scientist who was very fascinated about the creation of the universe & wanted to go back in time and see the Big Bang with his own eyes.

He does this and because of his invention’s explosion, multiple universes and parallel dimensions were created. Not just this he is also responsible for the creation of the Anti-monitor.

Imperiex is someone who even Superman couldn’t stop alone. He had to be trained again by someone as strong as Mongul 2, and that guy too died fighting Impiriex.

Ares is one of Wonder Woman fiercest enemies and not just that is also the God of War. Well, let’s just take into consideration that how many was has been raised on earth and how much bloodshed has spread.

These all are doing of Ares and he has an endless desire for wars because if there are no more was he will no longer exist.


Mr. Mxyzptlk is a fifth-dimensional being that can easily obliterate the Avengers. No physical attack would work on him, he could easily warp reality and oh yes, the guy doesn’t need food or water or any other life sustaining necessity.

All of the above are insanely strong but it really boils down to two – Anti-Monitor and Dark Seid. Although, if only physical strength is the criteria, it would be Doomsday and if only intelligence is the basis then it’s Brainiac.

The anti monitor is one of DC’s biggest villains ever is not someone who killed in hundreds of thousands but he is someone who obliterated all the universities accept 5 which was saved by DC superheroes. Also, he is responsible for the new 52 and everything that has happened after the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ series.

Not just that he is responsible for killing some of the biggest Super Heroes such as Supergirl and Barry Allen. You seriously think someone who destroyed even the parallel universes is going to be defeated by the likes of the Avengers? Not just that he’s almost unkillable as he’s a force of nature.

Darkseid’s actual name was Prince Uxas, who planned to take control of his world, Apokolips and kill his brother, he succeeded in doing both and more than that, absorbed his brother’s Omega level powers and came into being as a rock-skinned God.

He is very powerful and has powers such as telekinesis, omnipotence, time travel etc. Also his Omega Beam never misses its target. He’s almost an immortal too.supervillains dc

Whichever you choose, we can understand but we believe Anti-Monitor is the deadliest. In fact, both these supervillains fought against each other in the Darkseid War. The Anti-Monitor killed Darkseid, in the end, using Black racer fused with the Flash. And Justice League just watched them fight.

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