6 Most Terrifying Supervillains Of Marvel Universe

No matter if there would be any new comic book world in the future, but no world can be as vast as Marvel and its characters, especially villains. No comic book movie can rise to prominence until we see a villain who twists the interest of good side of the story. With stakes and threats are increasing, Marvel continues to bring action-filled story lines that are simply mind blowing. Check out six most terrifying supervillains of the Marvel Universe.

Doctor Doom


Nobody sympathizes with Dr. Doom and that’s not even required. Dr. Doom is the embodiment of haughtiness and lusting for power. He thinks he is the best, smartest, and the most gifted man in the world. Probably that’s why he is constantly after Mr. Fantastic and his teammates to prove it. He has often come together with the heroes to defeat their common enemy. But having said that, he always has this hidden agenda that will give him the upper hand in the end. He also sees himself as a royal figure above reproach.

Red Skull


With his exclusive remarkable components being improved quality and an unpleasant face, Red Skull is not as effective as other villains at the highest priority on this rundown. In any case, he compensates for it with immaculate perniciousness. His spirit is as dark as tar with not a single good vagueness in sight. He’s the Nazi every other Nazi try to be. The person makes most different scalawags look like Golden Age legends. He’s not grievously misjudged; he simply needs to manage the world as the ace race of the planet.

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