Here’s How All Marvel Netflix Characters Could Debut In The MCU

It seems that there’s a possibility that some of the characters from Netflix’s Defenders might be getting their Marvel Cinematic Debuts soon. With Marvel setting up unique projects in terms of both movies and shows, with the latter being canon we can expect an opportunity to see these characters. The Netflix shows saw massive success with the fans of Marvel and it makes absolute sense that Marvel will be thinking of bringing them into the MCU world. It will be rather interesting to see how they come to play with the vast storylines and characters that already exist. The shows always hinted at the events of MCU but never clearly showed any link with those events or any direct clue. With the advent of so many characters set to appear in the near future, it would give a lot of opportunities for these characters to establish themselves. Let’s take a look at the ways through which all Marvel Netflix characters could make their MCU debuts.


Daredevil was the very first of the Netflix Marvel shows that marked the beginning of a rather exciting journey and its success triggered the other shows. The dark narrative of the series gave us a rather interesting depiction of the Marvel character. There have long been rumors of the character making its debut into MCU with Spider-Man: No Way Home. This could actually be a perfect debut as the character could be introduced in the story as the lawyer for Peter Parker for the case of Mysterio’s murder.


All Marvel Netflix Characters

Not only that but even Foggy Nelson or Karen Page could be introduced as the lawyers. Another way of introducing him would be the She-Hulk series. That series will follow the narrative of Jennifer Walters’ legal career when she is not fighting bad guys as She-Hulk. This might actually play as a connection to his introduction in Spider-Man: No Way Home. 


Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones had a three-season-long appearance in the Netflix series. Her narrative in the series was rather interesting as it took an approach of exploring her character as a private investigator. This exact dimension of her character could be the one that can be explored in an MCU project like She-Hulk. The character of Jessica Walters has most of her career based in New York after she started in Los Angeles. New York is also the very place where Jessica Jones started her Alias Investigations. This gives a rather interesting approach for the characters to have a crossover. Following her comic book persona could actually give us some major opportunities to make her character appear in the MCU.


Luke Cage

Luke Cage has had cameos in the two other Netflix shows with his own run in a show that had a two-season long run. The MCU could use his super-soldier program origin as a means of introducing him. This could actually be done in Captain America 4. We saw in The Falcon and the Winter Solider that there are other super soldiers present in the MCU. Sam Wilson’s outing as Captain America could actually explore the other such soldiers. While at the same time he could also appear in the She-Hulk series considering the characters were in the Heroes for Hire in the comic books.


Iron Fist

All Marvel Netflix Characters

The Netflix show Iron Fist didn’t actually see much success like the other shows. This makes his appearance in the MCU a bit uncertain. While all the other depictions were quite successful Finn Jones’ portrayal of Danny Randy was hugely disliked. His depiction did improve with time as he was given more time to explore the character. But this gives a chance for actors other than Finn Jones to join in MCU as the character. And the perfect place to introduce this character will be the sequel to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. This martial arts caper could be the ideal link to reboot the Living Weapon.


The Punisher

Jon Bernthal as Punisher has to be one of the greatest additions to the Netflix characters we have gotten to see. He was added to the Defenders in the second season of Daredevil. There is a major chance that we might see him appear in the MCU with most of the rumors linking him to appear in the Moon Knight series. Marc Spector was a mercenary in his prior days and this could be the very link that could be used to bring in Frank Castle. 


Other Defenders Characters

The Defenders universe was also able to give us some rather interesting characters in supporting roles. Vincent D’Onofrio is said to be making a debut into the MCU with Hawkeye. While at the same time a character like Simmon Missick’s Misty Knight, who was the highlight of the Netflix shows could be brought back in Captain America 4 and the love affair between her and Sam Wilson could be explored.

So this is how all Marvel Netflix characters could make their MCU debuts.

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