The Real Villain of She-Hulk Is Neither Titania Nor Abomination. It Is…

The MCU has expanded to territories unknown. From different media into one cohesive universe, Marvel Studios have outdone themselves. The sheer magnitude of storytelling in the MCU is reminiscent of one of the most brilliantly curated development arcs. The protagonist is powerful and somehow the plot keeps refreshing itself. Take the new What if…? series for example. No sooner was Strange Supreme introduced to the Audience than Shang-Chi threw mystic beasts at us. It is things like this that keep us on the edge of our seats. The next OTT series in MCU’s lineup is She-Hulk. Although Jameela Jamil has been already revealed as Titania, we think the real villain of She-Hulk will be someone much more familiar.

Before you say it, it certainly isn’t the Abomination. Yes, Tim Roth is set to return as Emil Blonsky in She-Hulk, and he was the villain in the past. But his appearance in Shang-Chi showed a clear attitude change. Maybe we could get a cool fight sequence with the Abomination posing as a temporary antagonist. But he will certainly not be the main antagonist as I suspect that he will be set up for the Thunderbolts through She-Hulk. He’d become another MCU Anti-hero. Now, that we’ve cleared this up, let’s talk about Titania.


For the uninitiated, it has already been revealed that Titania will be a part of She-Hulk. From the comics, Titania is the only candidate who has ever bested She-Hulk in combat of strength. She used to be a scrawny read head who got bullied a lot. That is until her high school collided with other realities and they were transported to Battleworld. Several things happened and Titania found herself at the mercy of Doctor Doom. Since be was the king of this iteration of Secret Wars Battleworld, he decided to subjugate the girl. He offered Mary Mcpherson and her friend Marsha Rosenburg powers in exchange for loyalty.


The girls agreed and we’re then transmuted into metahumans by the hands of Doom himself. Doom is not a kind overlord. His actions are his own. The girls slowly came to their senses and discovered that Marsha got psionic plasma while Mary was blessed with a daunting stature and unparalleled strength. She named herself Titania and adopted a more brash attitude. The attitude was more than just a show which became clear in her future fights.


The Main Villain

Titania fought and surprised some of the most powerful Avengers in her first outing, even decimating the God of Thunder. But her greatest achievement to date remains the win over She-Hulk. Jennifer Walters lost to her in a straight-up battle, a trope that has been repeated in the comics several times. She was even given the Infinity Gem of Power just to make the sphere seem imposing. You can see why Marvel would choose such a character as the main villain of She-Hulk. Titania is her opposite, almost like her kryptonite.


However, we propose there is another secret villain hidden in the shadows and you already know who it is. The reveal is so trivial that I have gone half the post without actually talking about it. But let me break it down for you. The character I propose as the Real Villain of She-Hulk is none other than The Leader. This is the villain teased at the end of The Incredible Hulk. When Sterns is infected with Bruce’s blood he is seen smirking as he passes out and the blood enters his brain. This means that the gamma mutation will start in the brain and make him Into the Hulk villain called The Leader.


The Leader is very intelligent and is also responsible for much of the experimentation that created a lot of gamma-powered mutants like Hulk in the comics, most notably, Red Hulk. The leader experimented on General Thunderbolt Ross and created the Red Hulk to fight the Incredible Hulk. Now we’ve all been suspecting that Ross has been up to something over the years. Maybe he was working with the giant-headed Samuel Sterns all along. That’s why we haven’t seen him since the second movie of MCU. I guess we’ll see about that.


The Real Villain

Given that the Thunderbolts are suspected to be a future franchise in the MCU, it has become even more likely that the leader will show up in the MCU, or at least be teased as the man behind the shadows. There is another theory floating around which suggests that The leader will be one to perform experimentation on Jen Walters and create She-Hulk. This may be the change to her origin story that we were expecting. However, not much is known about the story of She-Hulk at the moment. But Titania cannot be the only threat looming in the darkness, there has to be more to the story, there always is. This is Marvel, after all.


In the comics, Titania is eventually defeated by Spider-Man. Although she is a very powerful villain, Spider-Man has always been too quick for his own good. That is how Peter has survived battling alongside Gods. Although we may never see this set piece in live-action it is still one of the most iconic fights in the comics. So what do you think of this theory? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!

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