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10 Things Marvel Should Do With Fantastic Four In MCU’s Movie

The Fantastic Four are often called the first family of Marvel. They are an iconic part of comic lore and there are not many heroes that are as recognizable as them. The Baxter is now an important part of Marvel’s New York skyline. It is about time that this family should make a debut in the MCU. After going through previous movies of the family we have come up with 10 things Marvel should do with Fantastic Four when they inevitably come to the MCU.

No Doom Please

Dr. Doom is the staple villain of almost all Fantastic Four movies. The character stands in stark contrast to Reed Richards and his family so the filmmakers find him to be the easiest character to adapt. But the truth is that Doom is a much more smarter and powerful villain than these movies have been able to portray. It would be more efficient for the MCU to save Doom for Fantastic Four 2 or rather than throw him out in the first movie.


Lean Into It

The best thing about fantastic four comics is that they were unbearably silly. They had this charm about them that could only be found in 60s sci-fi content. We think that the MCU should embrace the inherent silliness of the series. It would be a great fit in the quip-laden ethos of the MCU. Also, some of the characters like The Impossible Man would be fun to explore in a live-action movie.


Please Give Us Franklin and Valeria

Things Marvel Should Do With Fantastic Four

Franklin Richards is an Omega Level mutant who can rewrite reality at the drop of a hat. His powers are unrivaled in the multiverse. We expect the MCU version of the first family of marvel to introduce the children of Sue and Reed. This will not only make the story more comic accurate but also give MCU a new MacGuffin to pursue. Franklin Richards and Valeria are the most interesting part of the Fantastic Four, we wonder how can the filmmakers ignore them.


Don’t Nerf Doom

Every iteration of the family in live-action has chosen Dr. Doom as their main villain. This would be fine but all of these incarnations chose to severely underpower Doom. Doom is basically a God and to treat him like a run-of-the-mill villain is doing gross injustice to the character. He has the capacity to raze entire civilizations and we would be happy to see him pose an actual threat for once.


Exploration is Key

The Fantastic Four Comics have never been about super-powered fights or epic battles. This First Family of Marvel is all about exploring unchartered territory. They are more Star Trek than Star Wars. The purpose of their adventures is to always satiate a scientific curiosity and/ or explore a new civilization and help them out. Previous live-action adaptations have failed to deliver this and that is why they fail.


Comic Accurate Reed

Reed Richards is a complex character, he is one of the most intelligent people in the Marvel Verse. So it happens many a time that he doesn’t stop to explain everything to everyone because he is simply working too fast. But Reed is not a jerk and it will do the writers well to remember this when shaping his character for the MCU.

The Centre of New York

Now that Tony Stark has taken his leave from the MCU it is completely possible that Reed Richards will become the new “go-to” guy for the Avengers. Richards is far too intelligent to not help the heroes or have a solution for everything. We would like to see frequent crossovers in the MCU Fantastic Four films if that is not too much to ask.


No Retcons

Things Marvel Should Do With Fantastic Four

We want to state that we are tired of seeing Reed and Sue eye each other through all of the Fantastic Four movies only to end up together. We know that they are going to get married, the writers know that it is inevitable, so why even waste time on the flirting. Just start off the characters after they are already married and focus on the main story, or cosmic conflict that comes their way rather than giving screentime to a romantic sub-plot we have seen 3 times already.


They Are Our Heroes

Whether you like it or not, Reed and gang are especially famous all throughout the city and they are our heroes. We would love if Marvel could lean into the celebrity aspect of the characters rather than shy away from it. Reed is like MCU’s iron man but more grounded in reality and obsessed with his eccentric thought process.

New Fantastic Four

There have been instances in the comics where the Fantastic Four’s members have been shifted around. A lot of Marvel heroes have been a part of the roster and some like Spider-Man have even formed their own teams. It would be fun to see this being carried over into the MCU. Maybe we can even get an all girl fantastic four.

Okay, so these are things Marvel should do with Fantastic Four in the MCU.

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