5 Strongest Marvel Female Superheroes

We need to realize that gone are the times when super strengths graced on the men, with wonderful creatives at Marvel we are offered thrilling Marvel female superheroes who live us in awe not because they are brute women fighting mastermind villains but because they are doing it in the finest way possible, even surpassing the abilities of their male counterparts.


Jennifer Walters was conceived to the minds of Stan Lee and John Buscema in 1980, she appeared first in “Savage She-Hulk”. Apart from combating deadly villains she also combats suits (superhuman nature). While Walter’s cousin Bruce Banner saved her life with a blood transfusion, she got altered into a female Hulk.


Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s creation, Jane Foster was fighting cancer, as she was a step smaller to death after all. What’s overwhelming is that she fought numerous enemies like absorbing man, Silver Samurai, the Accursed and the list doesn’t end. She took over Thor’s mantle and bonds with the hammer Mjolnir when Thor was no more “worthy enough”. One could never stop admiring the goddess of thunder for her above ordinary abilities!

Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maxima off first graced the screen in “X-men” in 1964. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Scarlet Witch has never been able to decide between the savior or an anti-hero. Her hex powers offer her the control to alter possibility, deeming her with a dangerous magical stature in the Marvel universe which is unmatchable literally because her hex powers are tied to chaos magic.

Susan Storm

Marvel female superheroes

Her better-known name is ‘The Invisible Girl’ if that doesn’t give away her powers we don’t know what will. Along with being invisible, Mrs. Reed Richards also has the powers to project force fields, as big or small as she deems fit.

Captain Marvel

Marvel female superheroes

Carol Danvers was born in the imagination of Roy Thomas and Gene Colan in 1968, she made her debut with “Marvel Super-Heroes” #13 where she was security chief in NASA’ Cape Canaveral; she could not really harness a good rating point then but later she received her due to the limelight. Carol is blessed with a damaged Kree device which lets her renovate her dreams into reality.

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