Fantastic Beasts 3: Dumbledore Has No Secrets (They’re all lies)

It was no surprise when the Fantastic Beasts movies turned to be a ploy by Dumbledore himself. At the end of Crimes of Grindelwald, we learn that Cadence is supposed to be Dumbledore’s brother. So when the title reveal of Fantastic Beasts 3 came, everyone thought that Dumbledore’s secret is referring to the secret of Credence’s heritage. But we propose that Dumbledore has no secrets. All of them are just lies by Grindelwald that are spouted in an attempt to retain soldiers for his war.

The Harry Potter media franchise is one of the most iconic. It houses our dearest characters and the movies are a favorite of the fandom. We love losing ourselves in the wonderful world of Harry Potter. The most interesting character out of the series is undoubtedly Dumbledore.  Grindelwald is the perfect enemy for Dumbledore. The man is extremely intelligent and knows Dumbledore extremely well. Only someone as intimately acquainted with Dumbledore as Grindelwald can hope to rival him.


Grindelwald created a blood pact with Dumbledore when they were young boys. The pact signifies that they cannot duel each other. So Dumbledore has been using Newt Scamander to foil Grindelwald’s plans. But what is Grindelwald’s plan? Well, to understand that I must give you some history and tell you a little about the lore. We must talk about the Dumbledore siblings to help you understand how we know that Grindelwald is lying to Credence. We must talk about Ariana and the Obscurus in Credence’s possession.


Dumbledore Has No Secrets

Dumbledore had a younger sister by the name of Ariana. Everyone thought that Ariana was a squib ( a non-magic person born to wizard parents ) and that was the reason why her mother kept Ariana locked away. After the Death of Albus’ mother, the child’s care passed to her elder brothers. Albus and Aberforth did their best to care for Ariana but it was not meant to be. You see, Ariana was not a squib, she was a magician, but due to trauma in her childhood, she had suppressed her magical abilities.


This wilful suppression had transformed her magical powers into an Obscurus. An Obscurus is a powerful collection of magic that cannot be controlled by anyone, much less the person who has it. It was revealed in Deathly Hallows that Ariana lost her life because of a duel between Grindelwald and Albus. People speculate that during the duel one spell hit Ariana and she passed away. After this, the Obscurus left the little girl and Inhabited credence. So when Grindelwald went to the dark side he sought out the Obscurus.


Dumbledore could not directly oppose Grindelwald because of their blood pact. So he sends Newt Scamander to search for the Obscurus. The Obscurus is finally found to be housed in a boy called Credence. Both Grindelwald and Newt try their best to get to Credence and despite Newt’s best efforts, Grindelwald succeeds. This is where Crimes of Grindelwald ends. After the recruitment of Credence, he is told by Grindelwald that he is a Dumbeldore, which is why he can house the Obscurus.


Lies of Grindelwald

Whether you believe Grindelwald or not, Credence believes him and that is the most important part. For the record, Albus only had one other sibling other than Ariana. It was a younger brother named Aberforth who can be seen in the Harry Potter series. The timeline of Credence’s birth also does not fit in the timeline very well. So it is highly likely that Credence is not a Dumbledore and Grindelwald is making stuff up to manipulate the boy. We won’t know unless the movie comes out.


The most interesting part is the Rowling is now releasing the books parallel with the movies. This means that we can no longer read ahead and give you the answer. Still, we believe that Credence is not a Dumbledore and the “secret” of Dumbledore will actually be about Ariana’s death. Maybe we will get to see the moment when the blood pact between the boys was formed.


It will be hard to speculate further knowing how particular harry Potter fans are. We still believe that the speculation about Credence being a Dumbledore is pure conjecture. What do you think of our theory and analysis? Does it make sense? Or is it just too far-fetched? Maybe it is too complicated? Does it seem rather vague? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!

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