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20 Fan Reactions to Fantastic Beasts 3 Title Reveal From Twitter

The threequel of the Fantastic Beasts franchise just got its new title as Warner Bros. revealed it to be Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. Now it sounds pretty interesting and the fans are quite happy with the announcement. It is also coming a bit earlier than expected. But here are some mixed fan Reactions to Fantastic Beasts 3 title reveal from Twitter:

1. Like, How?


2. Okay!!

3. Seriously!

4. Exactly!!


5. Heartbreaking!!

6. What’s Your Thought!


7. Really Toxic!

8. Let’s Go!!


9. Can’t-Wait!!

10. Fantastic!!


11. Excited!!

12. Seriously!


13. Literally!

14. Awesome News!


15. Yes Please!

16. We Know One Of Them!


17. Totally!

18. If You Know, You Know!


19. That’s Right!

20. Oops!

Did you relate to any of these reactions to Fantastic Beasts 3 title reveal? Let us know.


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