Avengers: Infinity War Artist Reveals the Infinity Stone that Wiped out Half the Universe

Avengers: Infinity War will be out in BluRay in just a few days now, but many people already own it after the Digital Home Release of the movie which came with a whole lot of bonus features for the owners to enjoy.  When it comes to the movie, we all were stunned with the horrific dark ending it had in store for us and the impact of the big finger snaps still haunts us due to the fact that so many of our favorite heroes perished.

Avengers: Infinity War Infinity Stones

The whole movie was a heist where we saw Thanos going after 6 Infinite Gems of power and he was pretty successful at taking them from the grasp of the Avengers who tried their best but could not stop Thanos from fulfilling his life’s goal which was to bring balance to the universe by disintegrating half the population of the entire universe.

He collected all the stones throughout the movie leaving a trail of death and destruction as he used the stones that he had at a particular moment to fight the Avengers and get more Infinity Stones for his gauntlet. He used the Power Stone to stop Loki’s attack. He then blew up the Asgardian vessel with it. The Space Stone was used right after that so Thanos & the Black Order could escape. Then he used the reality stone twice on Knowhere and once on Vormir. Acquiring the Soul Stone he arrived on Titan and used several stones in the battle against the Avengers.

Killmonger Vs Thanos

He threw a freakin’ moon at Iron Man and that he also did use the Infinity Stones. In the latest commentary of Infinity War which was released with its Digital Release, Co-director Joe Russo explained that Thanos used two stones in particular in order to pull in the Moon. He said that:

“[Thanos] uses two stones there. He uses the Power Stone to destroy the moon. And then he uses the Space Stone to pull it so quickly to the surface of Titan.”

Then his battle against the Avengers and Guardians continued where he also used the Soul Stone exclusively just once in the entire movie. The scene in question for the Soul Stone was when we got the visually spectacular moment where Doctor Strange makes numerous copies of himself and uses every one of those to hold off Thanos by attempting to snare the Mad Titan in a net of energy bands.  Now if you focused properly here, you would have noticed that the Power Stone and the Soul Stone were glowing as Thanos sent back a mighty reply using the power stone, while the Soul Stone helped him to figure out the real Doctor Strange who had a Soul eliminating all other Soulless copies at once!

Now, having acquired the Time Stone, he made his big move on Earth where he used the Time Stone to bring Vision back after Wanda had destroyed him and the Mind Stone. Then he took the Mind Stone from Vision’s head leaving him dead! That very moment marked the completion of his Gauntlet and that was the very moment where the Avengers knew they are screwed! Thor still came in close to killing him with the Stormbreaker, but Thanos snapped his fingers and we know the rest.

The snap used the power of all the 6 Infinity Stones, but there was one major stone which led to the disintegration of half the population, which was none other than the Power Stone which Thanos got from Xandar. Accordingg to VFX supervisor of Infinity War, Dan DeLeeuw, the Power Stone was majorly responsible for the tragic ending that we got. Here’s what he said:

“The Power Stone was blipping them out of existence. All the Infinity Stones have their signature color and appearance as a visual effect. So the ‘blip out,’ we thought, ‘What would all the stones do to a person, blipping them out?’ Because souls cease to exist? We had concept art combining all those things, and it was getting too busy. It became too complicated. It was stepping on what the actors were doing. So it became ‘body turns to ash.’ We peeled away all those layers and focused on that one [Power Stone], deciding how quickly it would consume someone, what pattern it would consume them.” 

Avengers: Infinity War

So there you have it. The Soul Stone is deemed to be the most special out of all other stones but the Power Stone was the most effective out of the 6. Now, we will see Thanos make his big return in Avengers 4 which comes out on May 3.  


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