10 Odin Superpowers That Make Him the Strongest Asgardian Ever

Thor is considered the strongest Avenger to ever exist after the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Armed with his trusted weapon Stormbreaker, Thor has gone past Hulk and Iron Man to hold the throne all to his own. But what about his race? Thor is not just an Avenger but also an Asgardian. Is he also the strongest Asgardian to ever exist? The answer is NO!! The strongest Asgardian to ever exist was Odin. While Old age and a frail look might deceive you into thinking the old man of Asgard does not have it in him, we beg to differ. Presenting 10 Odin superpowers that makes him the Strongest Asgardian ever!!!

Odin Force

Odin Superpowers

The first and foremost of his abilities, and possibly the strongest of Odin’s skills, is his ability to have absolute command over the Odin Force. The Odin Force is a vast and virtually limitless reservoir of quasi-cosmic and mystical energy that when accessed to, gives Odin a variety of superpowers as well as greatly enhancing his present physical attributes. The Odin Force is strong enough for the All-father to use and kill a Celestial.


In the comic books, He has displayed vast psychic abilities. He can access the Odin Force to grant himself telepathic powers and gain control of the weak-willed minds. He can also use this to perform psionic aka telekinetic feats. Telepathy, as an ability, is only limited to Asgardians for Odin for some strange reason.


odin superpowers strongest asgardian thor odin force

Odin is one of the greatest practitioners of magic, even amongst the Gods. He also happens to be one of the oldest warriors of the order of Asgardian mages. He can perform many incredible feats using magic like stopping time and space. But his most well-known magic based power is his ability to bring people back from the dead.


Odin Superpowers

While many would see it as a weakness, it is actually a strength. When Borson fights to his very last breath against a powerful foe, he is forced to go into a long slumber to replenish his energy and come back afresh with the power he lost during the fight. The Odinsleep is essential for the All-Father to help him stay in the pink and prime of health.


He has been known to use this ability more than often. His greatest feat using his ability to teleport matter was when he teleported the entire city of Asgard over to the skies of New York City. Even in the MCU, the All-Father was responsible for sending Thor to Earth using Dark Magic in The Avengers of 2012 after the bi-frost bridge was destroyed in Thor 2011.

Matter and Energy Manipulation

Odin Superpowers

There is no form of energy in the Marvel universe that Odin cannot bend to his will. Heat, light, cosmic, mystical and even the Phoenix Force (which is basically living and breathing psionic energy), has been drawn to and wielded by the All-Father. Matter manipulation abilities of his include his ability to transmute matter from one element to another and repairing the whole universe on a molecular scale.

Barrier generation

To say Odin’s barriers are strong would be the understatement of the century. Odin can create barriers using his Odin Force and then enchant it further for additional protection using his command of Asgardian magic. His barriers are so strong that they could protect an entire shield from a point-blank nuclear explosion without even incurring a scratch.

Agility that surpasses every known Asgardian

Odin Superpowers

Odin may be old but he is still too quick on his feet to be defeated by slowpokes. In fact, Odin’s grace and agility on the battlefield are supposedly legendary. Not even Thor, the God of Thunder, could match him in terms of sheer dexterity mid-battle.

Weaponry Enchantment

superpowers of odin strongest asgardian

If you are guessing what makes Mjolnir Mjolnir, look no further. The legendary hammer that Thor wields in Marvel Comics is the brainchild of Odin. He was the one who instructed the Dwarven Smiths of Nidavellir to make the hammer and he was the one who enchanted it with strong Asgardian magic to make it unbreakable and unstoppable once thrown.

Mastery in Weaponry

Odin Superpowers

Odin is also good with various kinds of weapons. His most popular choice is his magical spear called the Gungnir. His other weapon that he is frequently seen using is his Sceptre. The other weapon that Odin uses less frequently but has been part of Marvel Comics since ages i8s the mythical sword called the Odin Sword. Odin also has proficiency in using a magical mace called the Thrudstok.

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