Here’s How Spiderman Homecoming’s Villain Will Differ From Other Marvel Villains

Marvel Cinematic Universe has been known to give fans memorable superheroes but forgettable villains. Apart from Thor’s supervillain Loki and the baddie of all baddies Thanos, there have not been much for the villains, as the script writers only use them as plot points to steer the story to what they want it to achieve, instead of giving them enough personality to make an impression.
Here’s How Spiderman Homecoming’s Villain Will Differ From Other Marvel Villains

Spider-Man villains, however, have always been memorable. Of course, this was before Sony studio merged with Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether it was the Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus, Sandman or Venom, the villains have always nade an impression on film audiences minds (good or bad). And it looks like that will not be changing with Homecoming’s villain The Vulture.

The Vulture will be portrayed by the actor Micheal Keaton for the upcoming film, and it looks like the complication of the villain’s psyche has already made an impact on the actor. In an interview with Variety, Keaton discussed his first role as a comic book villain. Keaton had been most famous for his portrayal of DC’s Batman in the late 80’s and 90’s. Keaton said about his role:

“He’s a really interesting — and more interesting than I thought — villain because there’s parts of him that you go, ‘You know what? I might see his point.’ Really, really. It makes it interesting to play.”

The Vulture is indeed a complicated character whose reason for becoming a villain stems from his disappointment with humanity. In the comic, Vulture becomes a criminal mastermind after his business partner leaves him in the dust after he has embezzled all the funds that electronic engineer Adrian Toomes aka Vulture had depended on for his research. He chose to live the life of a criminal after that. Spider-Man Homecoming showcases the utter fearfulness of the villain, as he is an intimidating character with a huge chip on his shoulder. Not far from other Spider-Man villains of the previous years with Fox.

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