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New International Trailer of The Batman Reveals The Plan of Riddler

Batman has been part of the DC community for a long time. He has established his presence as one of the predominant superheroes in the DC verse. Even when it comes to media the caped crusader has been the frontrunner in the movie department. He has earned more than the rest of DC superheroes combined. The Dark Knight Trilogy alone has been a great source of fame for DC. Now, WB is trying to bring the same magic as DCEU with The Batman. They have released a new international trailer of The Batman. Let’s take a look:-


This trailer is quite interesting for it reveals scenes that were never seen before in any footage. It was expected that WB would change the trailer a little by mixing different sequences for the International trailer but we could never think that they would add such mysterious details. This version of the trailer has much more detail about the plan of The Riddler than was known before. It even shows just how crazy things will be in the movie. Most interestingly, we get to see a wall full of newspapers.


Details from the International Trailer of The Batman

This wall has a big question mark in the middle of it which symbolizes that this conspiracy wall belongs to the Riddler. The Riddler may be using sinister techniques to lure Batman out since it seems that he knows the caped crusader’s true identity. Whether this is his ultimate goal or not is unclear. But one thing is abundantly clear, The Riddler is angry and he is incredibly dangerous. It seems that he will stop at nothing to settle things with Bruce.


International Trailer of The Batman

Whether this small new detail will reveal something major about the plot or not, we cannot say. But we do think that WB is giving us pieces of a larger puzzle much like The Riddler does to Batman. Only here we are the heroes and the multi-billion dollar studio is the villain, which is ironic, of you also us. Let us know what you think about our analysis and conjecture down in the comments below.


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