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4 Ways Cyborg and Superman Practically Had The Same Origin Stories In DCEU

From Man of Steel (2013) to The Snyder Cut (2021), Zack Snyder gave Clark Kent, aka Superman, an origin story and an arc like we’ve never seen before. Snyder set up 6 characters with different backgrounds against a common enemy. Superman, being the first one, might have been Snyder’s favorite. Although, we think that Snyder loved Superman so much that he used his origin plot for another character of the Justice League. Yes, both Cyborg and Superman share the life experiences that made them who they are.

So, here are the ways Cyborg and Superman practically had the same origin stories in Snyder’s vision.


Man of Steel started with the newborn Kal-El’s ship from Krypton landing on a farm of Kansas on Earth. He grows up as a normal kid with normal parents and attends a normal school. In order to hide his true self, he uses pseudonyms and fake identities. He avoids using his powers in public and leads a nomadic life as a wanderer. Even when he grows aware of his superpowers, he continues to live his normal life as a news reporter.


Victor Stone was a quarterback on the football field and a genius behind the screen. For a popular kid and a football star, he was pretty kind too. He once hacked into the school computer and changed the grade of a student who couldn’t study because he lost his family home. Up until his accident, he led a pretty normal life by his standards.



Cyborg and Superman

Superman was too little when his biological father sent him off to the Earth. When Superman learned about his sacrifice, he forgave him for not being there for him. Clark had no idea about the origin and limits of his powers until he talked to the hologram of his real father. As for his foster father, Jonathan Kent raised him as Clark went through all the rough times at school. He taught him how to be a good person and keep up hope even when everyone else has given up. The only reason Clark became a hero and not a villain is his upbringing by Jonathan Kent. Jonathan sacrificing himself for the sake of his son’s identity was proof for Clark and what his powers’ secret meant for him.


Quite similarly, Victor’s father played a crucial in his becoming a superhero. Victor’s father, Silas Stone, had been absent for most of his life but this never affected Silas’ love for his son. After his accident, there was almost no hope of Victor’s survival but he didn’t give up. He illegally used the Mother Box and resurrected him as a cybernetic being, Cyborg. Even though Victor resented him for this, Silas never stopped motivating him to move on. It was Silas’ sacrifice that motivated Cyborg into going full-hero mode and saving the whole universe.



Superman sacrificed himself while killing Doomsday. His sacrifice motivated Batman into creating the Justice League now that Superman was no longer there to save the day. It was a tragic moment for every Superman fan out there as there was no hope of him ever coming back. However, his team members defied the odds and brought him back.  He suited up once again and donned the fan-favorite black suit and helped in overthrowing Steppenwolf.


Victor was a normal kid until he died on the football field due to the explosion. He was almost dead but his stubborn father was not going to let him die that day. Although, he did kind of die that day, legally speaking. He was reborn as a half-machine, half-man, a CYBORG. This moment changed his life forever. Let us just say he was never ordinary again.



Cyborg and Superman

Zack Snyder had a lot of plans for Superman and the Justice League, including Cyborg. Though the official script was never written, these plot points were discussed with the actors. As teased in the BvS and ZSJL, the Knightmare sequence was one of them. The movie would have ended with Batman’s unfortunate death and Superman saving the day. He was even going to be under Darkseid’s direct control once he got his hands on the Anti-Life Equation. And the list did not stop there, Clark was supposed to have a baby with Lois Lane who he was gonna name Bruce Kent. Bruce was to grow up, be inspired by Batman all his life, and replace Batman as the caped crusader. After that, Superman’s end was Snyder’s final farewell to the character, thus fulfilling Jor-El’s prophecy.


Cyborg would have been toe-to-toe with Superman all along with these adventures. One of these plots was the return of the Mother Boxes and the threat of Earth turning into Apokolips. Superman was to fight Darkseid at Apokolips and Cyborg was to help him through the process. There was a storyline where Cyborg destroyed the Mother Boxes, for good, thus, weakening Darkseid which led to his doom. He then fully realized his full potential and rose as a God of the Digital Age. He got so powerful that he could change his body back into a human’s and live his life among the humans, which was all he desired since the accident.

After all this, you must have been convinced that Snyder had those two characters walking the same road. Maybe he got lazy, which is highly unlikely, or maybe he just saw something common in them that many others seemed to have missed.

Would you like to see their stories come to fruition? Do you want to #Restorethesnyderverse? Let us know in the comments.

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