How Well Does Infinity War Fare In Rotten Tomatoes When Compared To Other MCU Movies???

There’s this movie called Infinity War. You may not have heard about it (if you have been living in between a rock and a hard place) so we are here to enlighten you. Infinity War will be the grand culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is a movie 10 years in the making and was only possible after Marvel released 18 movies to give the movie a credible storyline. But how well does it do in the Rotten Tomatoes rating card?? When compared to the other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, does Infinity War deliver as well as we thought it would? The results will surprise you. Here’s how well Infinity War fares in Rotten Tomatoes when compared to other MCU movies……

Thor: The Dark World – 66%

Thor 2 or Thor: The Dark World has been a complete letdown. Apart from a good high stakes action scenes, the movie delivers nothing else.

The Incredible Hulk – 67%

It wasn’t an overall smashing success and has kind of a strange and peculiar standing with the overall MCU continuity.

Iron Man 2 – 73 %

Iron Man 2 suffered from what is called ‘Sequel Fatigue’. It was nowhere near the benchmark Iron Man set but it did end up offering us characters like Black Widow and War machine.

Age of Ultron – 75 %

Avengers 2 is a movie that seemed like the Studios did it for the sake of doing it. Age of Ultron lacked the luster of its predecessor but was still certified fresh.

Thor – 77%

Thor is a movie that quickly turned from a royal family drama into a ‘Fish out of Water’ kind of situation for the God of Thunder. It had its flaws but it was witty and awesome when it counts.

Captain America: The First Avenger – 79%

The First Avenger brought Chris Evans into the MCU. That is all the reason we need for a 79% RT rating. Period.


Iron Man 3 – 80%

Iron Man 3 was the first Phase 2 MCU movie. It served the purpose of bridging the gap between the two MCU phases. The story could have been better but the action more than made up for it.

Ant-Man – 82%

Paul Rudd stars as Scott Lang in the MCU. The size changing Superhero scores just a few more points than Iron Man 3. It would have scored more had it not been the limited production scope for the movie.

GOTG Vol. 2 – 83%

Guardians of the Galaxy is a franchise that kind of made the MCU in its starting years.  GOTG Vol. 2 was not as good as the original but it did give us more emotional drama and much better character development.


Infinity War – 87%

Believe it!!! Infinity War was a movie that was expected to top this list but sadly that is not the case. The original rating for Infinity War was 90% but that has now slipped to 87% as of this writing.


Doctor Strange – 89%

doctor strange powers

The White-washing controversy aside, the movie did offer us a supernatural take on the MCU. Stunning visuals and spot on casting of characters (apart from Tilda Swinton as that was a D*ck move) helped the movie’s ratings.

The Winter Soldier – 89%


For many, this movie is still the best MCU movie, delivering high octane action sequences and a thrilling suspense worthy of a franchise like the MCU.

Civil War – 91%

Civil War was the first Phase 3 MCU movie and it delivered accordingly. It touched upon real world topics and themes while the plot was relatable for a superhero smack-down movie.

GOTG Vol. 1 – 91%

GOTG Vol. 1 came and conquered the Box Office. It gave the MCU some much-needed insight further into the cosmos and it happens to be the first movie to feature Thanos in a scene that is not a Post Credits one.

Thor: Ragnarok – 91%

Ragnarok gave us the gem that is Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster and the buddy comedy of Hulk and Thor. It also gave us a new look into the Asgardian Mythology and who can forget the beauty that is Cate Blanchett’s Hela?

Spiderman: Homecoming – 92%


Homecoming gave us a fresh stake on the web-slinger. It was high school comedy, teen drama and superhero action all boiled in one pot.

The Avengers – 92%

The first Avengers movie is still the people’s choice for the best Avengers movie (yet). It is an affront to even explain why this movie scores so high in this list.

Iron Man – 94%

The one that started it all is still the second highest rated Superhero movie of the MCU. Iron Man gave us something that no other superhero movie ever could at that time – pure superhero action.

Black Panther – 96%

infinity war Rotten Tomatoes

Undoubtedly the best of the lot, Black Panther touched upon the subjects of Isolationism and its effects on society as well as the capability of a colored cast to be as good, or even better, than the typical white-washed Hollywood.

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