Infinity War’s Box Office Projections Are Out And They Aren’t As Massive As We Thought!!!

Infinity War is finally upon us. The phenomenon that began with 2008’s Iron Man is now going to end in a grand culmination of all things marvel as the movie Infinity War hits the screens. The event that Marvel studios had been tirelessly working for since 10 years and 18 movies is now coming to fruition. Infinity War is all but guaranteed to rewrite the history books and make and break box office records and ceilings. But the thing is, it just may not be as good at the Box Office as we imagined. Infinity War’s Box Office projections are out and they aren’t as good as we thought!!!

And the reason why we think so? Infinity War has found some unlikely competitors in the Box Office. The upcoming Marvel movie faces stiff Box Office earnings competition from his own allies, the previous Marvel movies like Black Panther and The Avengers.


The recent Box Office Projections for the Opening Weekends puts Infinity War at 2016-235 Million Dollars. That could help it top Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s opening weekend sale, which is the second highest debut earning for a movie. It also possesses a slim chance of beating The Force Awakens’ Opening Box Office Earnings. And when se say slim, we mean it. Black Panther is a totally out of the world phenomenon. It is the latest Marvel movie to end up joining the 1 Billion Dollar Mark. And the way it climbed to the top, we believe there is no way Infinity War could replicate its success. The last two Avengers’ movies did end up joining the 1 Billion Dollar mark but there wasn’t as much competition in the Home ground then. Infinity War will most certainly cross the Billion Dollar mark but not as rapidly as we would have imagined.

Infinity War’s Domestic Projections

The Force Awakens is the highest grossing Disney movie of recent times domestically. The Star Wars franchise had been out of the theaters for about 20 years when the Star Wars 7 movie was announced. Word of Mouth and the massive fan following of the Star Wars franchise helped Star Wars: The force Wakens achieve something that no Marvel movie ever has. The Force Wakens is the only movie to have grossed 936.6 Million Dollars just in Domestic Projections. That is a feat as equally incredible as it is stupendous. No movie has ever come close and neither will Infinity War. Here’s why.

The thing about Marvel movies is – the smaller the cast, the greater the chances of Earning. The Avengers earned 207. 4 Million, Age of Ultron earned 191.2 Million Dollars and Civil War earned 179.1 Million. Marvel may have been marketing this movie as their tent pole movie that was 10 years in the making, but let’s be real. No Marvel movie, let alone an Avengers movie, has ever crossed the 247 Million mark. Infinity war is going to be no different.

Infinity War’s Worldwide Projections

The highest grossing movie worldwide on the opening weekend is The Fate of the Furious with a whooping 541.9 Million Dollars. Avengers 1 and 2 both earned 392.5 Million while Civil War earned 379.5 Million Dollars. It does not take a genius to realize that any Marvel movie ever released has ever crossed the 400 Million mark worldwide opening earnings, let alone the 500 Million mark set by the Fate of the Furious.

But this is where things get interesting. IW is the first Marvel movie to be released worldwide on the same date. Only two countries won’t be seeing Infinity War on screen on April 27. One of them is China, one of the biggest movie markets of the world. China will see the release of Infinity War on May 11. By that time, the Opening figures would have been out for Infinity War. China’s opening box office sales will determine just how well Infinity War’s debut earning will fare against the other blockbusters in the chart.

Infinity War

Even if Avengers: Infinity War hits the 500 Million mark, it will still be behind Jurassic World (525 Million), The Force Awakens (529 million) and the Fate of the Furious. At the very least, Infinity War will top Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (483.2) and The last Jedi (450.8 Million) so it will still be a blockbuster of epic proportions, but not just the way we imagined it to be.

Still, it is Infinity War and we will watch the hell out of it. Box Office Projections be damned!!!

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