10 Incredible Facts About The Space Stone You Never Knew!!!!

The Space Stone or the Tesseract was the first Infinity Stone to have been featured in the MCU. It was sued by Loki, the Norse God of Mischief to rip open a portal between space-time and allow the Chitauri army to invade Manhattan. The Space Stone is one of the two stones to have been in the possession of Thanos in the Infinity War. Presenting 10 incredible facts about the Space Stone you never knew…..

It is the only stone to have been Weaponized in the MCU

Among all the other stones, the Space Stone was the only stone to have been weaponized. The Aether was in liquid form and was quite unstable. The Power Stone was raw and the Time Stone is more of an accessory than a weapon. The Mind Stone had limited abilities from the very beginning. The Soul Stone is yet to be seen. The Space Stone or the Tesseract was the only known stone to have been used directly in energy based weaponry, namely Red Skull’s Hydra Weapons.

It originally belonged to the Runner

After the Elders of the Universe tried and failed to kill Galactus, the Space Stone was given to the Runner for safekeeping. The Runner is one of the fastest beings of the Marvel Universe. But with the Stone, he travelled even faster. Unwittingly, the Space Stone was warping space around him so the Runner wasn’t getting faster but the distances were getting shorter.

It gives you the power of Universal Telemetry

The Space Stone can be used to locate any object or living being in the Marvel universe no matter how far or miniscule they are. Telemetry is an ability that allows you to locate objects via sheer thought and the Space Stone makes you the master of it.

Unlike the other Infinity Stones, You can use it with next to no knowledge about it

With Limited Knowledge or even with no knowledge, the Space Stone can be used for limited teleportation and space warping abilities. The other Stones require some form of knowledge to wield their power but the Space Stone doesn’t have such a criteria. With full knowledge of its potential, the possibilities are endless.

It grants you limitless control over Space

Anything that Space Stone touches could be teleported across the universe within a fraction of a second. The Infinity Stone also gives you limitless abilities to warp Space granting you other abilities like spatial manipulation and omnipresence – the ability to be at all places at once.

Long-term exposure can grant you teleportation abilities

The Space Stone dissipates cosmic energy by itself and whoever holds it for too long is affected and their genetic makeup is changed. When Pip the Troll was given possession of the Space-stone, he held onto it for so long that he was given Teleportation abilities which he could use even when the Stone was no longer in his possession.

Its true power is unlocked only when used with the other Stones

The Space Stone can help you achieve incredible feats but it is only a shadow of the true potential it possesses. When coupled with the Power and the Reality Stone, the Space-stone grants the user complete control over the physical realm. These three stones, when put together, could turn their wielder into a literal God.

It can grant you Super Speed… of sorts

The Space Stone grants you space warping abilities. Take it like this – If Quicksilver takes 10,000 steps to reach from Point A to Point B, if you posses the Space Stone, you could traverse that distance in just one. So, it doesn’t make you fast but does help you cross a distance faster than any speedster ever could.

It is Odin’s most prized possession

In Captain America: The First Avenger, it was mentioned by Red Skull himself that the Space Stone is not of this world but of Asgard. It used to be the most prized possession of Odin’s Vault and probably still was until it was stolen and sent to Earth. The Space Stone now lies with Loki, who hands it over to Thanos in Infinity War.

It is not a Tesseract

space stone

The Tesseract is not the Space-Stone. It is just the outer casing created to hold the true Space-stone within it. The Space Stone was covered with a layer of impenetrable energy that came to be known as the Tesseract. Why it was done so is a guess for another day. Let’s hope we get some answers in Infinity War.

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