Why The Hulk Wasn’t Grey In Avengers: Age of Ultron

One of the most prominent heroes of the Avengers, hell, of the entire Marvel Universe as well as the MCU is the Incredible Hulk. With brute strength to rival the very Gods, and hide as thick as steel, the hulk is a walking tank, albeit a little too loud and cumbersome, but still a juggernaut of a man. One of the most striking qualities of the Hulk, apart from his super strength and battle-tested vocabulary, is his signature Green hide. Fans love the hulk. But if said fan is a hippie, the green bodes even better. Go green ain’t exactly his mantra but and doesn’t need to have one. His skin can spin that tall tale for him.

But if the masters and overlords at the Marvel Writers’ Pantheon would have had their way, that awesome green hide would have been turned into grey. As unbelievable as it sounds, the Hulk was supposed to follow the comic book route and be portrayed in a dull grey color.

Following the comic book story arcs is all the rage nowadays. All the DC fans and Marvel readers push and protest when the movie doesn’t follow the protocol of comic book accuracy. So what exactly did happen at the studios that made the showrunners turn the table and take this gamble to leave the hulk as he is??

Scarlet Witch is not exactly as much as a villain as she is a troubled girl with a tragic, twisted path. Her past is portrayed beautifully in the MCU movies but her villainous ways are a bit of a letdown. She is not the bad guy. She is just someone caught at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Her powers aren’t manipulated with, fortunately. Scarlet Witch has the power of Hex Magic – reality-altering mutant abilities with a connection to the occult.

And the way she used it in Age of Ultron to turn the Avengers against each other I straight out of the comic books. She shows most of them visions. Visions straight out of the target’s worst nightmares. For Banner, she has something else in mind.

Just like Loki manipulated the Hulk into almost taking down the Shield Helicarrier, Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch uses her powers to bend reality and make Hulk go crazy once again.

As the Hulk is on a rampage in the previous Avengers movie, it literally takes a God to stop him. This time though, Thor isn’t the one to challenge him to a one on one. It’s Tony Stark and his Hulk Buster Armor.  The two behemoths fight it out in the middle of a city a Tony tries to calm the enormous green rage monster.

But one question still remains. If the writer’s went out of their way to stick to the comics, why didn’t the green hulk turn grey?? Marvel did promise a Grey Hulk in MCU. But why isn’t the Hulk grey in here as promised???

The movie was supposed to portray the Hulk has losing control once again as the Hulk loss control and goes loco. The mutations thus would have further changed him and made his entire skin turn grey. People turn red when they get savage angry. For hulk, that color was supposed to be grey.

As it turns out, there was a scene portraying the Hulk to have turned into grey. But it never made the cut because of conflict of interest with the very imprint the movie writers were trying to stick to. Turns out, believe it or not, the Hulk has played a majorpart of his life as a GREY GIANT, NOT GREEN. Something all the hardcore readers have known quite too well.


In the comics, The Grey was a part of the “Hulkbusters” who went on various missions around the globe to help capture and diffuse stolen and highly lethal gamma bombs.




The movie’s video effects supervisor Christopher Townsend had this to comment:

We tried a few shots in the film with that sort of much grayer version. And then we’re thinking, “Will people confuse this with the gray Hulk from the comics? And is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Eventually, I think we backed off a little bit of that and made him greener so that…we didn’t want to confuse people in creating a new character, per se, in that way. So we ultimately backed off. But we had gone pretty extreme in the looks for him.

The Grey Hulk was a whole other character in Marvel comics. Mixing him with the green one would have made unnecessary continuity errors in the MCU.

The wise overlords of Marvel were merciful enough to give the fans one less thing to worry about.

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