Theory: The Snaps of Thanos and Hulk Allowed Kingpin To Rise In Power

Now that Kevin Feige has confirmed Charlie Cox’s role in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, what about Kingpin? There are rumors all around that suggest Kingpin will be joining the MCU soon enough. But how will he fit into the MCU timeline? Lucky for you, we have a crazy theory that connects the snaps of Thanos and Hulk to Kingpin’s rise to power. Keep reading and check out for yourself.

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT! : The post could contain potential spoilers for Disney+’s Hawkeye.

It has been confirmed that Charlie Cox will be reprising his role as the Scarlet Swashbuckler in the new Spider-Man: No Way Home. So, it was just a matter of time before his arch-nemesis, Kingpin, crossed over too. And as it turns out, Disney+’s latest MCU miniseries, Hawkeye, has been setting him up since the first episode.

The first time the show hinted at Kingpin was in the auction scene. When the auctioneer presented Ronin’s retractable sword, he dedicated some words for him. In his words, “He [Ronin] almost destroyed the status and power of the head of organized crime.” Surprisingly, many comic books featuring, Kingpin have used these words to describe Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin. And the second time, in the third episode, when we were introduced to Echo. Echo has been one of the Kingpin’s associates in a lot of storylines, and we think Disney+’s Hawkeye might be one of them. Kingpin might be introduced as Echo’s uncle, who raised her when she had no one.


Echo seemed to have a lot of training and brain-washing. She chose a life of violence for her. And who would have directed her towards this life, if not for a violent mentor like Kingpin? But how does he fit in the wider narrative? Here is where our theory kicks in.


Snaps of Thanos and Hulk

When Thanos used the stones to destroy half the population in the universe, he did it so that the rest of the people could live in peace. But what he left behind was chaos. Civilizations were destroyed, flags were burned and families were ruined. Many people had to migrate across the globe, just for getting some sense of security. So, our theory suggests that Kingpin, being a chaotic ruler, would have harnessed this chaos for his advantage. He would have half the rivals he had before, so it would have been easier. Plus, with Ronin killing the other half, Kingpin would have stood unopposed. He might have employed the boys from poor families and used them to expand his empire.


The Falcon And The Winter Soldier gave us a glimpse of the post-blip condition of the people of the Earth. And we believe that Hawkeye will give us a glimpse of what happened during the blip. With Ronin raining hell on crime-lords, governments restricting borders for refugees and NGOs trying to help the people in need. We might see it all in flashbacks where Kingpin used this chaos to build an empire for himself. In the Netflix series Daredevil, his main source of income was the distribution of Hand-produced heroin. So maybe he will be shown managing a similar business in the MCU. After all, narcotics would have attracted a lot of broken people during the blip.


Snaps of Thanos and Hulk

Then came the Avengers, who brought everyone back. People started returning to their families and their homes, but to their surprise, they were occupied by someone else. So, Governments had to take it upon themselves to relocate the refugees and find new homes for the ones who reappeared. But the longer it took them, the more Kingpin would have taken advantage of it. He could even bribe people to launch terrorism attacks to delay such arrangements even further. Because the more the chaos, the more displaced and looking for jobs. And there will be Kingpin, just outside their doorstep to recruit them and employ them for his dirty work.



There were many people like Clint who lost their families and were left alone in the blip. However, no one was hit harder than Clint. He took it upon himself to cleanse the world of the people who he deemed unworthy to be alive. He took upon the name, Ronin, and went after the major crime lords who controlled the majority of organized crime in various parts of the world. Ronin went from continent to continent and finished many gangs like the Tracksuit Mafia and the Yakuza (Japan). In a way, he was making way for Kingpin to pick where the crime lords left things in New York.


Since Kingpin valued his privacy so much that almost everybody was afraid to take his name, Ronin would not have known about him. That is why he was successful to survive and building an empire when almost every crime lord was meeting their end at the blae of the sword of Ronin.

If this theory holds, this would be one of the best introductions to an MCU villain. Kingpin was a major villain in the comics, with millions of fans, and seeing him in MCU would make way for more interesting characters. Also, now that another Spider-Man has been announced, it is possible that Kingpin would help establish the younger Spider-Man, Miles Morales, in the future.

Until then leave your comments on this theory in the comments section below.

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