20 Amazing Fan Reactions For Charlie Cox Joining The MCU

It was already confirmed that Charlie Cox will be joining the MCU with Spider-Man: No Way Home. Comicbook.com’s Brandon Davis was the one to assure that Cox was spotted on the set of the upcoming Spider-Man threequel. And now that Kevin Feige himself confirmed that Charlie Cox is joining the MCU as Daredevil and fans are going crazy with the news. Check out the amazing fan reactions for Charlie Cox joining the MCU:

1. Yey!


2. Greatest Performance!!

3. OMG!!


4. LOL!!

5. Oops!!


6. Haha!!

7. Woah!!


8. Happiness!!

9. We Won!!


10. He Deserves It!!

11. Welcome!!


12. Awesome!!

13. That’s Right!!


14. Inevitable Return!!

15. So Greatful!!


16. Hope That!!

17. Smooth!!


18. Literally!!

19. Crying Out Loud!!


20. Haha!!

Did you relate to these reactions for Charlie Cox joining the MCU? Let us know what your reaction was.

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