4 Best Opening Scenes That Should Be Turned As Individual Films

Sometimes we stumble upon one decision that we could have left the theater after a couple of scenes. Well, some of them are front loaded where the title sequences just seem better than the rest of the movie. There are several movies that have significant opening scenes that make us stick to our seats for a while. We bring you four movie scenes that should be turned into movies.

 1) Sucker Punch

This was one of the most anticipated movies, but it fell short of expectations. It seemed to be a cross between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Sailor Moon. Well, the movies failed to bring the expected traction. However, the opening credit was a different story than the one explained. The opening credit shows a dark and greedy story which could have worked well then the school girls combatting robots.

2) Godzilla

We all are aware of the story when a fiery monster awakes from the Pacific Ocean after a nuclear testing in the early 20th century. The opening credits in the recent Godzilla film is still one of the best opening scenes, which a shows montage of newspaper clippings and several other historical videos.

3) X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Well most of us think that X-Men origins could have become a better movie. Remember the first scene when young characters of Hugh Jackman and his brother Liev Schreiber run through the dark woods and in the next scene they come out as adults fighting in different wars. And as it continues, both of them were surrounded by the soldiers. The scene ends up when two of them being executed by the firing squad, but they were practically immune to death.

4) Spiderman 2

The opening credits of the film clearly connect the Spider-Man’s root with comics and marked as one of the opening films for Marvel. The still photos cross blended with black and blue line constantly appearing randomly gave the feel of the film.

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