5 Surprisingly Great Things That Doctor Doom Has Done

Doctor Doom sure is a big evil hero, yeah that was an understatement. He is the BEST VILLAIN of the Marvel Universe. He was the villain of the Fantastic 4 but now has been the villain of the Avengers and some more superheroes. He also has his own country and has also caused the Marvel Reboot. But he’s not all bad. Here are some good deeds that he has done:

Became the Infamous Iron Man

Doctor Doom became the Infamous Iron Man, in the series of the same name. This is when Tony isn’t there, not fully at least and there is a need for a new superhero. He takes the mantle on himself and this change of heart of him is not just limited to this. He even became way more humble.

Latviera- A Happy Place

Yeah, Latviera is Doctor Doom’s own country. While the place is set in pretty medieval standards, apart from being guarded by Force Fields and Doombots. What’s great about the place is that there is absolutely no crime in the place, nor is anyone unhappy. Also, it’s a completely disease free place. Wow!

Saved His Mother’s Soul

Doctor Doom in his teen years finds a box in which he has his mother’s belongings. Not just that he comes to know that Mephisto (Marvel’s Devil) has his mother captive. In order to free her, he with Doctor Strange battles Mephisto in his own realm.

Delivered Susan Storm’s Baby

Yeah as weird as it may seem, Doctor Doom delivered Susan Storm’s baby when Reed Richards was not available. This happens and Susan kept her kid’s name, Valeria, in honor of Doctor Doom’s love.

Saved Reality

Doctor Doom

Are we sure that he is a villain? Dude literally saved reality, again teaming up with Doctor Strange when the Beyonders try to destroy all creation. You surely have some things to which you could go to heaven Doom!!

Did You Know?

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