13 Powerful Armors That Will Make The Infinity War Iron Man Suit Look Like a Baby

Suits of Armor are the weapons of the scientifically or mystically gifted in the comic book universe. They are the outcome of decades of research or unexplored and super advanced alien technology or a hard-earned gift of the arcane arts. Iron Man comes to mind when it comes to powered exoskeletons. But there are so many in the comic books that are so damn OP that it will literally make you rethink your stance. Presenting – 13 Powerful Armors that will make the Infinity War Iron Man suit look like a baby!!!

 1. Apocalypse

Infinity War Iron Man Suit

Apocalypse was the world’s first mutant. He is also perhaps the most powerful mutant who has mastered a range of abilities. Apart from his super expansive skill set, Apocalypse also dons a suit of Armour that is not even from this world.

This Armour was built by a set of Cosmic Gods that judge entire Worlds called the Celestials. His suit allows Apocalypse to share his abilities with others. In addition to that, the suit also has a range of other abilities that Apocalypse’s clone Evan used to become a force to be reckoned with. Only Thor’s magical axe Jarnbjorn has the strength to pierce it.

 2. The Destroyer

The Destroyer Armour was built keeping in mind the best of what Asgard had to offer. And it was built with a purpose. It was meant to fight the Celestials themselves.

The Destroyer is made of a metal that is stronger than Uru, the metal that composes Mjolnir and Jarnbjorn. Metal Manipulation is also one of its abilities. The Destroyer has the dreaded Disintegration Beam.

 3. Doctor Doom’s Mystical Suit of Armour

Doctor Doom, unlike Stark, uses Magic to enhance his armors. He has quite a few already but the one we are referring to, has a dark past and a history attached to it. Doom struck a deal with three demons from another dimension. They agreed to give him a suit of armor that could amplify his magical prowess to god-like levels.

In return, they demanded Doom to sacrifice the woman he loved to them. Doom did and the Demons made the armor out of the flayed skin of the sacrificed woman. That, people, is dedication!!!

 4. Darkhawk

Darkhawk’s real name is Chris Powell. An innocent bystander, Chris Powell discovered an amulet that allowed him to remotely control the android super suit called the Darkhawk. He literally becomes the Reaper drone equivalent of a superhero, using the suit to travel to different worlds and save their asses.

The superhero is underrated and the suit underrated still. It can project an energy shield that can take stupendous amounts of damage, can project deadly energy blasts and has the power to travel in speed that exceeds that of light by several times.

 5. Black Panther suit

The Black Panther suit is made of Vibranium mesh, the strongest thing on planet Earth. The Vibranium mesh does not just make the suit invulnerable but also gives the suit a range of other abilities.

Superconduction properties of Vibranium allow it to store and generate limitless amounts of energy. It also gives the suit the ability to absorb energy and use stealth technology that has come in handy on more than one occasion. It can also throw projectiles made out of the metal and has a belt that can store a lot of other nifty little tricks.

 6. Titanium Man

Titanium Man is one in a long line of villains that have tried to rival Tony Stark with their own piece of armored technology. Boris Bullski did not know much and he could not do much with the suit. He still gave Iron Man a spanking quite a lot of times in the early days.

Gremlin was the next wearer of Titanium Man suit. Since he was a genius level engineer with a mastery of science and technology, he introduced a range of newfound technologies to the suit including the ability to fly at Mach 5 and beyond and use Force Ring technology.

 7. Iron Spider

Iron Man in a powered exoskeleton sounds familiar. But what if we said Spiderman was behind the wheel this time? The concept was laughed upon before the Iron Spider Armour made its official debut in Civil War and was used extensively in the Infinity War.

The Iron Spider suit was an alternative for Peter Parker after he lost his powers. The suit has a range of sensors that act as a pseudo ‘Spider-Sense, three long tentacles that he can use to grapple, grab, hold and crawl around buildings, a protective alloy, and a life support system and most importantly, Iron man’s trademark repulsor beams.

 8. Doom 2099

Doom of the present timeline is already too much to handle. So what about Doom of the far future? He is literally a God of Evil. Doom of the 2099 timeline is a master of nanotechnology and has used his scientific prowess to bond his body completely with nanotechnology. This allows Doctor Doom to manifest any form of weaponry.

Doom 2099 no longer had access to his arcane knowledge and knowhow but has since managed to get hold of them, then becoming even more powerful than he already was.

 9. Phoenix Buster Armor

Tony Stark is obsessed with making situation-specific armor suits. He has the Thor buster armor, the Hulk Buster armor, the Galactus Buster armor and what not. But the one that takes the cake this time is the Phoenix Buster armor. An epic design of equally epic proportions and abilities that was aimed at stopping the God of psychic energy and the guardian of the Multiverse, the Phoenix Force, from reaching the Earth.

The Avengers vs The X-Men storyline saw the official debut of this armor which only partially managed to subdue the Phoenix, breaking it into five equally powerful parts that ended up possessing five prominent members of the X-Men.

 10. Ultron Armor

The Ultron Armour is given n justice in the movies. But in the comic books, it is quite powerful. Ultron is an A.I that was created by Hank Pym, not Tony Stark and Bruce Banner as shown in the movies. The A.I would later gain sentience and decide to wipe out the human race as the only way to stop it from destroying the planet. Ultron makes a suit out of pure Adamantium, the thing that makes Wolverine’s claws and bones.

In the movies it was Vibranium. The Adamantium suit of armor makes the Ultron suit super strong, durable and super-fast along with the ability to manipulate massive amounts of energy.

 11. Sorcerer Supreme Armour

Magic and Science can never mix!! Or can they? In “What If” Vol. 2 #13, we see a strange meld of Iron Man and the mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme. Tony Stark in that reality views magic as just unexplored science and to that end, has created a suit of magic that can tap into that huge reservoir using the power of the Vishanti, the three Gods of Magic.

This alternate reality storyline just might come true as in the mainstream comic book continuity it is shown that Iron Man has become the Sorcerer Supreme of the Future.

 12. Ghost

Do not even think about the Marvel Movie version. The one that is in the comic books is a much better representation. In the comic books, no one knows who the guy is behind the mask of Ghost. He is only known as an anti-corporation vigilante that uses a suit of technology that allows him to meld his mind with extremely advanced microprocessors.

This gives him the ability to think and act at amplified speed as well as the power to phase through objects and become invisible. Ghost, in the comic books, has defeated Iron man so many times in a one on one match that we have lost count.

 13. The Doomwar Suit

13 Powerful Armors That Will Make The Infinity War Iron Man Suit Look Like a Baby

Vibranium is a very scarce and powerful resource in Marvel Comics. It is by and large a super weapon and in the wrong hands could cause massive destruction. It is the reason why Wakanda regulates the supply of Vibranium globally. But here is the catch – Villains like Doom know where to go when they need their stash of Vibranium.

In the Doomwar event, Doctor Doom steals a huge contingent of Vibranium and uses it to mould a suit of armor that has all the technology and the extraordinary capabilities of Latveria and the Vibranium of Wakanda. The Suit is so powerful that Wakanda almost goes to war with Latveria over its possession.

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