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10 Surprising and Weird Facts About Wonder Woman’s Body

Diana is the Princess of the Amazons and one of the fiercest warriors that the Earth has ever seen. As the Superhero Wonder Woman, Diana has been on adventures and saved the world multiple times. As one of the oldest superheroes ever to grace the comic books, there are still some facts about Wonder Woman that are weird as hell. I mean, they may or may not be portrayed in live-action movies, but they have been presented in the comics. Here are 10 weird facts about Wonder Woman’s body that will surprise you big time:

She is weak when bound by men

When Wonder Woman debuted in 1941, she had a strange weakness to boot. Wonder Woman, if chained by her bracelets by a man, will become as weak as an ordinary human being. This weakness was keeling in line with William Marston’s (creator of Wonder Woman) own fetish with bondage. Yet it made for some really weird trivia.

Her eyesight is a gift from a Goddess

When Diana found herself battling Medusa, she decided to not let her vision be a hindrance.  She used Snake Venom on her eyes on purpose, permanently blinding her. A blind Wonder Woman still managed to take down Cheetah, so she wasn’t all weak. Athena, the Green Goddess of Knowledge, later bestowed her with special eyesight that allowed her to see the truth in all things, living and non-living.

She is literally as strong as the Earth

Wonder Woman was made of clay and given life by Zeus. She is literally born of the Earth itself. The Goddess Demeter bestows Wonder Woman with a strong connection with the planet. Wonder Woman can draw strength from Gaia, i.e. the Earth to make her stronger and heal from the gravest of injuries within minutes.

She can Astral Project and Teleport

When Wonder Woman meditates with utmost concentration, she can achieve the impossible feat of Astra Projection. Her Astral Form can travel between dimensions and whatever damages her form receives during her journey will be reflected on her own real body. Once, Diana concentrated so hard that she teleported herself to Hell.

She is Fire-resistant

Wonder Woman’s body is completely fireproof. In Injustice: Gods Among us, Wonder Woman finds herself going against Superman’s heat vision at full force. She doesn’t even sport a scar after the ordeal. This ability is best described as a gift from the Goddess Hestia that grants her immunity from most forms of fire.

Her Blood is Godly and Divine

In the new 52 Relaunch, Wonder Woman was no longer connected to the earth that helped her heal and get stronger. The Relaunch turned her into a Demi-Goddess. She now had the blood of the Gods flowing through her veins. As a result, she was much stronger, faster, and healed quicker than she used to.

She will never age

You heard it. Wonder Woman is ageless. Even Superman cannot stand upright when it comes to the sands of time but not Wonder Woman. Her immortality, contrary to popular belief, is actually a curse. When the Amazons were provided refuge by the Greek goddesses on Themiscira, they were cursed with immortality. As a result, no Amazon ages past their 20’s.

Her Bracelets keep her sane

Wonder Woman’s Bracers are called the Bracelets of Submission. She uses them mostly as a substitute for a Kevlar vest. But the Bracelets actually have a hidden purpose. If the bracelets are destroyed, Diana will lose her temper go into a berserker rage. In The New 52, these bracelets helped stop Diana from accessing her full demi-goddess powers.

She has gills

Crafted onto her with the help of Amazonian science, Wonder Woman’s gills are weird and creepy to begin with. They first made an appearance in the 60’s when Wonder Woman’s primary suitor was a mermaid aptly named Merman. After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, neither Merman nor the gills have been seen ever since.

She is a telepath

wonder woman

Wonder Woman is a latent telepath. In previous issues dating back to the ’80s and the ’90s, Wonder Woman could actually talk to the Amazons and Steve Trevor by what the writers termed to be a ‘Mental Radio.’ During her stint as the Goddess of War, Diana could listen to the thoughts of soldiers on the battlefield. After the Rebirth ret-cons, Wonder Woman’s telepathic powers seem to be limited to passive psychic connections with animals.

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