10 Awesome Reasons To Have A Dog


Dogs are surely one of the best creatures. Owning a dog is surely one of the best things you can do with your life. Here are some awesome reasons to get a dog for you:

Because they make you happy:

Seeing your dog or spending time with a dog makes you happy. That is one time you are away from technology. You tend to appreciate small things in life. A dog becomes happy by making you happy. Isn’t that delightful to know!


You will be best greeted when you are home:

The moment you are back, your dog will be the one who would greet you with high spirits. The joy and happiness of getting such a welcome are ecstatic.

You walk because they need to:

Your dog would motivate to have fitness goals. They would help you be fit as you would be walking twice or thrice every day because your dog needs to.

They would protect you:

No one would dare to come near you. Your dog would protect you from everyone (even your bae, just in case!).  Your dog is your personal security guard.

You change as a person:

When you have a dog, the love and affection you get from him change you as a person. You also tend to take care of your dog and this becomes your nature. This betters your relationships with other humans as well.

Best stress busters:

When you are too stressed out, just play with your dog for a few minutes and you will forget the world. They could sense if you are stressed out (or sad) and they would be proactive in pleasing you! What better treatment when your life seems so messy!

They force you to be social:

When you take your dog out, other people tend to notice it and they might approach you. These small interactions would increase your social circle. Also, talking about your dog would make you more social.

You can get love matches:

Well, we all have seen this in movies. It holds true for real life as well. Research suggests that having a dog makes you more approachable and attractive. Hence, you could get your matches easily.

They would be loyal, for life:

Well, the reason people don’t prefer to have girlfriends (just kidding). Dogs would be loyal to you for life.

They are cute:

Well, you know it. They are! The picture explains the rest.


Having a dog is surely one of the best things. So, if you are planning to get a dog for yourself, do you need more reasons? Go and get one!


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