Sony’s Sinister Six Will Only Be Good Because Of The MCU Villains

Sony released their latest entry in their Spider-Man Universe with the poorly received Morbius. The movie is another one of Sony’s attempts at establishing links with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the biggest plans that the studio had regarding Spider-Man was the Sinister Six movie that had been under development for quite a long time. It was assumed that Spider-Man: No Way Home would attempt that, but the movie only ended up featuring one villain less of the group of Spider-Man villains. Now it seems that Sony will make this attempt in their own universe with some villains already a part of the plans. There’s a chance that Spider-Man: No Way Home might have managed to pave the way for a better Sony’s Sinister Six.

Sony’s Sinister Six

Sony’s plans for the Sinister Six have been under development ever since the first Spider-Man movies. The studio tried to experiment by bringing a lot of interesting villains to the live-action in a single movie. This attempt was quite clear in Spider-Man 3 as this was majorly responsible for the failure of the movie. Later, we would get some interesting developments towards the Sinister Six, referenced in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Following the release of that movie, there were plans for a solo movie featuring the Sinister Six, but the movie’s failure led to the cancellation of these plans.


Sony would then experience a complete reboot with Tom Holland taking on the role of Spidey in the MCU. But Sony maintained that they have their own plans for Holland’s Spider-Man with the studio developing their own world for Spider-Man. The studios started working on Sony’s Spider-Man Universe with Venom being the first entry to the franchise and there being clear indications that he would come across Holland’s Spider-Man. This would see some major developments in Venom 2 where we get to see Venom getting a chance to see Holland’s Spidey after being teleported to the MCU.


No Way Home & Multiverse

Sony’s Sinister Six

The multiverse is something the MCU has been hinting at for a long time now. There have been a lot of references to the concept with some of the major developments taking place in the final entry to the Homecoming trilogy No Way Home. The movie brings together Sony’s previous Spider-Man movies to the MCU as the characters show up in the MCU due to a botched spell by Doctor Strange. This allowed for the return of some interesting villains from the past few Spider-Man movies and it was even rumoured that the movie will finally feature the Sinister Six. But the movie ended up being short of Sinister Six due to the absence of one more villain.


Morbius Links With No Way Home

Morbius has been hyped quite a lot over the years because the trailer and promos for the movie referenced major links with the MCU. But these things were not actually present in the movie except for the post-credits scene. The post-credits scene for the movie featured the appearance of Adrian Toomes in Sony’s Spider-Man universe and teaming up with Morbius. Even though his idea has been considered to be divisive and forced, this might pave the way for the best version of Sinister Six fans could have asked for. The Sinister Six could now be made of the anti-hero characters in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.


This will be a lot more challenging for Spider-Man compared to the previous plans as the characters are more ruthless. There has been an interesting development with Tom Holland’s Spidey too as the character received a major reboot. Now, when the character faces these villains, it will be a lot more different than what we got to see in MCU movies. It would be interesting to see what sort of event will bring Spidey to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.


The above theory tells us why Sony’s Sinister Six can get better because of the MCU villains. What do you think about it? tell us in the comments.

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